Crew and Equipment Management

Construction Crew & Equipment Management

Software that ramps up your productivity by keeping your equipment running and your crews ready to work. A cloud-based app for a single source of truth.

Improve visibility and gain control of your resources

Easily access your inventory and update documents from one place, including worker licenses, certifications and equipment maintenance records.

Optimize productivity in the field with the right resources

Get the job done more efficiently with the right workers & construction equipment on each job based on the rules you set. Simply put, maximize uptime.

Reduce risk with digital documentation

Protect your business from audits & disputes and easily ensure your workers are always compliant with digital documentation and logs.

What Assignar customers have to say

Our job costing has become a lot more accurate. We capture labor hours and machine hours much easier. We can pull clear reports per product within minutes. It gives us and our customer a lot more clarity of what goes in the invoice. Every timesheet and machine allocation is retrievable in a clean report. It’s good for us, and a great service for our customers.

– Mann Group
Crew and Equipment Management

Maximize uptime with digital equipment management

Is your equipment working as hard as you are? Seamlessly manage equipment maintenance schedules and records, and gain insight into your utilization to keep your equipment running longer.

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Crew and Equipment Management

Streamline construction workforce management and compliance

Is the jobsite safe and compliant? Check. Adhering to regulations and policies shouldn’t slow you down. Easily track worker documentation, lower insurance premiums and avoid fines with clean, accessible, and trackable records. 

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Optimize Construction Operations at Every Step


Upload crew & equipment documentation and configure rules to automate key functions like scheduling and compliance across your business.

Notifications & Reminders

Easily respond to and address reminders to update crew & equipment documentation. Automate notifications to keep everyone in the loop.

Maintenance & Updates

Take action for proactive maintenance and adjustments to optimize resource utilization.

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