Assignar Time Tracking & Field Data

Construction Time Tracking & Field Data

Make construction timesheet tracking easier & faster. Get real-time data from crews & contractors - and save time.

Better Organization
Better organization and real-time visibility

Get actionable data to make the right decisions across your construction operations. Jobs done on time within budget, and invoices out the door quickly. Repeat.

Accurate and accessible
Accurate and accessible field data in one central location

Keep all your jobsite information in one place – access it from anywhere. No more hunting down paperwork or making phone calls for information.

Increase Productivity
Pick up the pace and increase productivity

Quickly find, fill, and submit forms from the field. Process them in the office from the moment they’re submitted.

What Assignar customers have to say

Assignar has made my life so much easier to manage our equipment and staff. I am able to see what is happening on a weekly or monthly basis and plan ahead accordingly.

– Fluren
Time Tracking Field Data

Know what’s happening and keep jobs on track

With real-time progress updates on what’s happening in the field, you’ll be able to record the status of everything on-site. Quickly identify and record potential blockers or risks to your job timelines and react accordingly.

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Assignar Time Tracking & Field Data

Automate payroll with real-time construction timesheets

No paper, no excel sheets, no phone calls needed. Workers can own their inputs to digital timesheets that can be processed automatically with accounting software integrations. Geo-location, time-stamping, and real-time tracking allows for more accurate time capture, better forecasting and faster payroll processing.

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Assignar Time Tracking & Field Data

Customized data capture for better insights

Keep an automated trail of job site activities and build custom checklists, inspections, and audits for a fully documented and digital picture of what is happening on the job.

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Optimize Operations at Every Step


Review assigned work and allocations, get jobsite information, and maintain cost codes.


Report field conditions, update timesheets, and complete checklists and forms.


Check job progress and review allocation changes to examine productivity.

See how Assignar’s construction time tracking and data can help you gather critical insights into the field.

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