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Improve Your Traffic Management Operations With Assignar

Schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance, quality and safety and monitor progress.

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Assignar is the all-in-one traffic management solution for contractors to operate better.

Schedule and track crews and equipment faster
Schedule and track crews and equipment faster

Put your resources to work. Efficiently schedule the best crew and equipment to each task to become more productive. Track and manage each field worker and the equipment.

Improve quality and safety
Improve quality and safety

Share safety policies, collect safety forms, and manage orientations before the start of every project.

Improve quality and safety
Monitor your progress

Connected data gives instant access to the status of every worker or equipment’s qualification, certification, compliance, and availability.

Robust features for your operations


Collect any field data using configurable forms. Real-time notifications automate actions and workflows.


Reduce administrative work, replace manual processes, paperwork, and double data entry. Track cost codes in real time.


Build custom reports, graphs, and charts for insights that matter to your business instantly.


Make sure your crews are at the right job site, at the right time, with the right resources and documents.


Work with a dedicated customer success manager with in-depth industry knowledge every step of the way.


Maximize your output with seamless communication, instant notifications, and automatic logging and audit trail.

What our customers are saying

From an administrative standpoint, workforce management has made it so easy to automatically keep track of employees’ information, from their licenses to their insurance documentation and more. We know where each employee stands on a daily basis and this has pushed us past wasting time on and energy on these details.

– Scott Hayes, Force Civil Solutions
The Barricade Company
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Workzone Traffic Control
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Workzone Traffic Control Saves 32 Hours Per Week
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All Road Improved Efficiencies by 60% by
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Traffic Force
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Traffic Force Connects 3 Depots with Assignar
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Reduction in Admin Time
Force Civil Solutions

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What is traffic management operations software?

Traffic management operations software is a tool that can be used through mobile apps/desktop computers by self-perform and subcontractors to improve quality, safety, scheduling, and tracking work progress. operations software allows traffic management contractors to digitize workflows such as:

Feature-rich operations software is flexible to suit any contractor’s needs in the traffic management industry. Plus, paperless operations with software can help with winning work for large general contractors and working on government projects. Assignar is the most flexible and complete platform for traffic management contractors. Request a demonstration today to learn how operations software can help achieve your business goals.

Why use traffic management operations software?

Traffic management operations allow you to improve visibility over the various functions and processes in your business by making it easier to share data (ie. timesheets, health & safety forms, and equipment locations) across different projects, clients, and business departments. Operations software allows for an integrated operational approach by automating tedious tasks and improving data collection from the field. Most contractors in the traffic management industry are using whiteboards to schedule and paper forms to get information back from the field. Traffic management software helps contractors digitize that process and automatically log information for the entire team to access. Other traffic management contractors have reported a 50% reduction in admin time.

Is your operations software available in a mobile app?

Assignar has an application for the field. Firstly, crews use the app to send data from the job site to the office. Think of forms, timesheets, HR information, including licenses and certification. Secondly, crews use the mobile app to confirm their shifts which gives visibility in the office about the whereabouts of equipment and people without any phone calls.

Does Assignar's traffic management software integrate with accounting software?

Yes, Assignar is flexible enough to send payroll and project data to any accounting platform. Contractors can prepare all data they received from the field, apply cost codes and pay rates before importing the data into their accounting package. Currently, they can do that via manual import-export or use Assignar’s public API.

What is the best traffic management software for subcontractors?

When contractors are buying software, they should look for flexible, easy-to-use software. Many traffic management contractors run their businesses in different ways. The way the business operates is their intellectual property and leads to competitive advantages when bidding for work. When selecting a software vendor, contractors should always look at whether the platform that they buy is user-friendly and can be customized towards their own business needs.

Is Assignar’s field app difficult to use?

No, currently there are over 50,000 workers in the field using the mobile application on a daily basis. The application is specifically designed for ease of use as at Assignar we understand that if the workers aren’t using the application, you’re left in the dark. That’s why the app is as easy as swiping for matches or adding friends to social networks.

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