Construction Management Software for Business

As a business owner or manager, you need more than a rear-view mirror to drive your business. Reach your potential with construction management software that enhances your visibility, profitability, and protection.

Increase visibility with real-time reporting

Visualize progress across your operations in real time. See the most critical information you need like project costs, asset utilization, and more.

Optimize Operations
Drive efficiencies that improve margins

Use data captured in the platform to focus on what's actually important: saving your team's time and your business money.

Mitigate risk and cover your assets

Protect your construction business from rework, claims & disputes with simplified documentation and compliance processes.

What Assignar customers have to say

In order to grow our business and grow the jobs in our industry, we needed visibility into our current business whilst implementing new processes and systems to confidently bid for bigger projects.

– JBG Contractors
Improve forecasting and decision-making

Improve forecasting and decision-making

Focus your construction operations and overall strategy with accurate, comprehensive insights into the current state of your business. Slice and dice your data with Reporting & Analytics to understand your capacity to manage current jobs and take on new work.

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Increase profitability with streamlined workflows

Increase profitability with streamlined workflows

Enable your construction team to focus on higher-value tasks (a.k.a. the real work) in the office and field by freeing them from administrative chores like chasing down paperwork or entering data. Drive speed, consistency, and visibility in your processes with configurable construction software.

How management uses
Assignar’s construction software


Forecast and plan with Dashboards, which provide high-level insights into job progress, allocation & utilization, and issues. Prepare for new construction jobs and win more work with up-to-date information on the state of the business.


Check the status and receive Reports on the business, backlogs, and job progress based on real-time data throughout the day. Quickly communicate and take action on important items and issues.


Track productivity, validate progress, and compare estimates and actuals from each of your construction jobs. Discover opportunities and establish benchmarks for future planning.

See how Assignar helps you take control of your construction business.

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