Technical Documentation

Integrating with Assignar is pretty easy. There are a number of ways to do the integration depending on your use case. The power behind Assignar is its incredible flexibility. Quite simply – we’re open where others are closed.

Assignar’s open architecture allows customers to integrate any 3rd party system on the market. Our service can integrate with limitless types of software applications – from financial/ERP, to HR, to Inventory Management. So if you have a preference or standard, we can use our API platform to hook directly into your existing tools. And if you don’t, then we’ll recommend a best practice based on your environment and integration points. Either way we keep it simple.

Integration isn’t the main driver for any project. The driver is for you to save money. You can use either the Assignar API, flat files, or any integration provider to make seamless connections between Assignar and your ERP platform.

Integration Options

  1. Assignar API. Customer development effort required.
  2. Flat File (CSV) or Excel. Customer development effort is NOT required.
  3. 3rd Party Integration provider. Customer development effort is NOT required.

Assignar API

Our RESTful API provides access to read, edit, or integrate your data with the Assignar platform. This option provides seamless and transparent integration between different systems. Assignar provides rich, robust access to read, edit, or integrate your data via a RESTful API. This UTF-8 JSON based interface allows you to create, update, and take action on individual records within Assignar by making an HTTP request call. Assignar will provide documentation about the details ranging from authentication, API methods, data inputs, outputs, and formats and best practices. Please get in touch for more information.

Flat File (CSV) or Excel

Flat files let you load many records in single transactions. This options works well for importing non-relational records into Assignar. Your data must be formatted correctly before records are imported into Assignar. Sample files are available. Data can also be exported out of Assignar into a CSV or Excel file. You can then use this data to import into any 3rd party system that accepts flat files as the data source. Assignar Supports Flat File import and download routines natively within the application for loading many records in single transactions through automated integrations. As part of the Integration Services that Assignar provides for customers who do not want to build their own integrations, we have created a set of common flat file formats for common Assignar business objects that allow our customers the ability to quickly get high quality integrations running quickly. Assignar has CSV import and download routines for Assignar’s reference data and transactional data elements. This functionality provides the ability to manually download of transactions and then upload into the external system.

3rd Party Integration Providers

If none of the above options are suitable for you, and your integration requirement is around integrating Assignar Timesheets with your Payroll system, one of our partners can help automate your workflow from start to finish. Get in touch to find out more about this integration solution.
See our Integrations page for a list of software we have integrated with.