Make Data-Backed Decisions

Create shareable reports with field data to answer business questions and visualize your operations in a whole new way.


Optimize Your Operations


Custom Dashboards

Quickly see information that matters most with customizable dashboards or pick and choose data you want to compare.


Improve Utilization

Maximize your workforce and identify where you can make scheduling changes with utilization reports for workers and equipment.


Informed Decisions

Quickly adapt to changes and make improve future decision-making by comparing what was happened to what was planned.

See Assignar in Action

Uncover Efficiencies

Slice & Dice Your Data

From the moment you schedule, you're collecting data with Assignar. Custom forms allow you to collect any data that matters, and you can compare these data sets and visualize the results in a few clicks.


Expedite Job Reports

Understand the status of projects quickly with high-level dashboards that give you the metrics you care about to get the overview you're after. Say goodbye to 2-hour status report meetings.


Automated Notifications

Set up alerts for when key criteria are met, such as maintenance scheduling or labor hours on a particular project. These get delivered to your inbox to trigger the workflows that keep you building.


Plan Ahead

Analyze the data you collect, like the utilization or breakdown of your resources for projects, to see what skill sets you may need to hire for and how much more work you can do.


From Our Customers

Field-to-Office Communication

Being able to text the assignment, or text anyone or even groups, has been absolutely huge for us.

Don Mann Excavating

Improved Efficiencies

We are heavily relying on Assignar to keep all of our paperwork organized, track our production data, and keep our time cards more streamlined. It's been a really vital resource.

Penington Painting Company

Digitize Your Construction Operations

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How We Ensure Success

Guidance & Support

From implementation to beyond, our customer success teams are available every step of the way.

Easy Onboarding

We’ve made bringing your operations online a breeze, so that you can get the most out of Assignar – faster.

Cloud-First Technology

Access the platform from anywhere, collect real-time data, and analyze your operations in a whole new way.

Resources to Keep You Building