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Get Real-Time Reports & Analyze Your Operations

Use the data you collect from running your business to improve productivity, streamline processes, and make better business decisions.

Important Metrics
See the most important metrics first

Focus on what matters to you with customized dashboards, or pick and choose the data you want to see and how you want to analyze it.

Optimize Operations
Optimize operations to increase profitability

With insights into utilization for both workers and equipment so you can maximize workload and construction scheduling.

Immediate Access to Field Data
Get immediate access to field data

Compare what you planned for with what’s actually happening with real-time reports.

What Assignar customers have to say

We have information rolling to everyone from Assignar and they can access it through their app. On top of that, we have managed to reduce our costs in several aspects of our business.

– SPR Traffic Services
Easily get a snapshot of your operations with Dashboards

Easily get a snapshot of your operations with Dashboards

You know those 2-hour update meetings about job statuses? Get through them faster with up-to-date, high-level Dashboards configured to showcase the metrics you care about. You can finally walk away with a clear idea of where everything stands.

Expedite job reports and share them with stakeholders

Expedite job reports & share them with stakeholders

Get what you need, when you need it. Run detailed reports to drill down into critical information as it’s submitted in the field– not weeks after the work is done. Manually slice and dice your data for custom insights or schedule weekly Reports to keep the team updated without lifting a finger.

Get Custom Alerts and automate

Get Custom Alerts & automate

Want timely notifications when key criteria are met? Maybe you frequently check on equipment hours for maintenance scheduling or labor hours on a particular project for billing. Automatically get Custom Alerts delivered straight to your inbox and trigger workflows with data from the field.

Optimize your construction operations
at every step


Identify key metrics and create, schedule, and share business reports to all key stakeholders in the format that works for your team.

Important Metrics
Monitor & Action

Drill down into report data at order, client, or project level. Monitor construction progress, productivity, issues and backlog in real time.

Optimize & Repeat

Make data-driven decisions based on the status of your business and trends. Prepare and analyze historical data to optimize your construction operations.

See how Assignar’s construction software helps you seamlessly manage your crews & equipment.

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