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Guide: Demystifying Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry

Updated on June 2nd, 2023


Sneak Peek into the Guide

Have you heard criticism about construction’s lack of innovation? That it’s analog, outdated, and stuck in its ways?

This idea has followed the industry for decades.

A while back, McKinsey published an infamous graph showing construction lagging in tech adoption, second only to agriculture and hunting. But those in the field know it’s false, and this graph doesn’t tell the whole story.

Many roadblocks have slowed construction innovation on a macro level, including:

  • Projects across geographic locations
  • Broad range of project types
  • Projects far away from cities and utilities
  • Subcontractors
  • Multiple trades

Construction is the only industry tasked with creating a custom building hundreds of miles from civilization one day and digging foundations in the city’s center the next. No matter your specialty, it’s complicated. New construction industry technology can’t rely on automating simple tasks, like finance’s ability to move numbers from one column to the next. It takes more computing power. Construction wasn’t slow to adopt good technology—it was waiting for the technology to catch up.

Traditionally, the sector has tended to focus on making incremental improvements, in part because many believe that each project is unique, that it is not possible to scale up new ideas, and that embracing new technologies is impractical. - McKinsey

Now that it has, what does digital transformation look like for the construction industry? And how can you get started?

Here, we’ll cover:

  • The bumps on the road toward construction digitization
  • Tech fixes to your construction challenges
  • How to build a tech ecosystem that supports every business unit
  • The first step to implementing new solutions
  • 3 examples of construction companies leading the digital charge
  • A glimpse at the future of construction

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