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Schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance, quality and safety, and monitor progress from a single platform.

The operations platform for self-perform contractors and subcontractors

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Schedule and track crews and equipment faster

Assignar’s all-in-one platform allows contractors to get more productive with efficient drag and drop scheduling. Allocate the best crews and equipment for the job more efficiently with the Assignar platform and mobile app.

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Improve quality and safety

Assignar operations platform is built for contractors to share safety policies, collect safety forms, and manage orientations before the start of every project.

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Monitor your progress

The Assignar platform connects your data into one solution giving you and your team instant access to the status of every worker or equipment’s qualification, certification, compliance, and availability.



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Assignar’s cloud-based platform feels as familiar as using a whiteboard or spreadsheet. Our modern office and field app will feel like second nature within days.


Dedicated support

Your Assignar Success Manager will support you every step of the way, from migrating your business and information from apps and spreadsheets to helping you optimize your processes.


Built for office & field

Open communication between the office and field. Communicate to your crews about any actions, issues or incidents as they happen through the Assignar app.


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"We too have benefited greatly from our software platform during these unprecedented times. We weren’t ready to roll out the timecard feature at this time due to not having the infrastructure in the background to ensure it ran optimally. As an interim solution we created a form which allows our field staff to report in their hours and create a digital record of their time which our admin team then flips it onto a timecard for submittal to payroll.This has been instrumental in reducing the amount of contact between our field staff and our admin team which greatly improves the social distancing being mandated. On top of that it continues to be a great conduit to push real time information out to our team."

 "Without using software right now we’d be in trouble. We were reliant on magnetic whiteboards and our operations software has completely replaced that. We can get rid of that now and put up computer screens once we finally get back into the office. We’re collecting up to 90 digital forms a day and this is just the beginning, I anticipate it getting up to 200-300 forms a day."

"Implementing software in our business has been a game-changer, especially with the recent situation. The platform allows our office staff to work remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees. The staff can easily relay scheduling information through the mobile app to our field workers, who work in small crews. In a time where many other companies are having to close their offices or reduce staff, we are actually thriving."

Supporting sub and self-perform contractors of all sizes

We’re working with small and large sub and self-perform contractors across the world.

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