Construction operations managed simply.

Our operations platform is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business in the construction industry.

Coming soon!

Allocate a compliant crew with the right equipment to any job in 15 seconds.

We’ll be releasing our new scheduling tool very soon. Schedule the right field crew with the right equipment in a matter of seconds.

Improve productivity and efficiency

The Assignar platform helps you manage your business capabilities, schedule your resources, connect with your field teams and track project progress in real-time.


Access and manage your entire workforce and asset data in one place to demonstrate ability to execute


Efficiently assign and co-ordinate the best resources for your project, and manage any issue in real-time


Build a more collaborative and safer work environment


Take control with customisable real-time reporting to monitor, assess and plan your business

Join industry-leading contractors

Our customers operate in highly regulated industries. We support them to optimise outcomes from their field teams and asset fleet.


Operations manager, Perfect Hire

“The tracking of the compliance and the training, the inductions and competencies of all our workers. Without Assignar we would not be where we are today.”


Operations manager, Retro Traffic

“Introducing cloud-based software, has been one of the most important decisions we’ve made.”


CEO, Solution Plant Hire

“We’ve got to make sure all our paperwork is done. That’s where Assignar comes in, and it is really good for us.”

Improve your reputation for excellence

Beat your competition, and win more work. Provide more accurate quotes and set real results-driven expectations with your clients.

Reduce risk and error rate

Reduce human error and risk from the operations process. Provide vital documentation, proof of work or signed authority with a digital audit trail.

Improve safety and quality

Empower your field crew with our mobile app, your crew can focus on completing jobs to the highest quality and safety standards by reducing admin time.

Finish projects within budget and meet deadlines

Assignar allows you to track real-time productivity information which allows flexibility to make immediate changes to your schedule, budget or delivery timeline as you work.

Work smarter not harder

Track and learn from previous projects to better predict time and resources needed to complete projects successfully, eliminate any shortfalls and increase your profit margin.

Simply, get more work done

Implement Assignar to systemise your operations and meet requirements for every project and client.

Voted as best value for money and ease of use in the compliance and EHS software categories

Assignar has been awarded with Capterra’s ease of use and value for money badges based on reviews from EHS and compliance software users.