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Operation software for construction contractors

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Built to help contractors improve efficiency, safety and profitability.

Manage workforce, assets, compliance, and supply chain.

Workforce management

Manage operators’ experience on equipment & tasks, schedule training, simplify toolbox talks, collect timesheets, capture QA data & keep documents in one place. Schedule and allocate available compliant workers to projects.

Assets / Plant management

Schedule maintenance reports, conduct and collect machine pre-starts & other checklists in real time. Visualise the data and manage corrective actions.

Compliance management

Pass ISO audits as a formality. No more last minute stress and panic. Be compliant the whole year round.

Subcontractor management

Ensure your supply chain is compliant. Collect data from your subcontractors & gain visibility into their activities & performance. Perform budget v actual based on live field data.

“Timesheeting & payroll is now a breeze. We measure our time & money savings in days, not hours. Our employees love us going paperless.”

– Malcolm, Facilities Maintenance Contractor with 400+ workers

“Allocating has become much easier. Our team is able to work together and distribute the workload. Without Assignar we’d probably need double the number of people in this department.”

– Ciaran Deighan, Operations Manager, Retro Traffic

“Assignar ensures that only my qualified employees can be sent to my clients mine sites”

– Peter, CEO at Mining Contractor with 100+ workers

“The forms and competency features alone have made significant change to our business and I can’t talk more highly of them. Thank you to the Assignar team for an amazing product.”

– Melinda, Traffic Control Contractor

“Mate, this is the answer to our prayers!”

-Bronson, Civil Contractor with 30+ workers

Working with industry leaders

Over 6,000 projects have been completed using Assignar.

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