A better way to manage construction workforce.

Operation software for construction contractors.

The Assignar operation standard

Assignar offers a full stack of products to manage workforce, assets, and compliance.


Manage operators’ experience on units, schedule training, simplify toolbox talks, keep documents in one place. Schedule and allocate available compliant workers to projects.

Assets / Plant

Schedule maintenance reports, conduct and collect machine pre-starts in real time. Analyze defect rate.


Pass audits as a formality. No more last minute stress and panic. Be compliant the whole year round.

Real-time communication
between the office and fieldworkers

A dashboard for the office and mobile solution for the field.

Operational Dashboard

A complete solution for operations management, from work orders to timesheets, invoicing & payroll.
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Schedule shifts, conduct inspections, submit timesheets, file reports, and communicate.

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“We always send our best workers to the client and are certain they’re wearing full PPE (personal protection equipment), have the right documents, licenses and went through our in-house training program.”

– Mateusz Jedruszek, Managing Director, Perfect Hire

Supporting construction contractors to manage 6,000+ projects.

You are in good hands. We know that every contractor has unique needs. Our customer success team understands your business, and can support you with every step of the implementation process. So far, our customers have been able to manage 10,000+ fieldworkers, while complying with the highest industry standards.




Operation Managers




Forms Submitted




Work orders


Work allocations


Completed Projects

Work with the leaders

Assignar powers customers to work on over 6000+ sites every day.

“Timesheeting & payroll is now a breeze. We measure our time & money savings in days, not hours. Our employees love us going paperless ”

– Malcolm, Construction Sub-Contractor