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  • Schedule Your Crews & Equipment
  • Collect Info From the Field
  • Track Time Digitally

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Connecting the Field
to the Office

With construction’s many moving parts and unexpected challenges, business owners need a flexible and accessible solution to keep track of people, equipment, and resources.

Before Assignar

Lost in Paperwork

Hours spent scheduling work orders. Tracking project progress with sticky notes and whiteboards. Endlessly searching for forms. The status of people and equipment in someone’s head.

With Assignar

Work Smarter

Plan, schedule, and deploy crews and equipment all from one place. Send jobsite info directly to the office. Gain greater visibility into your operations so you can improve productivity, increase profits, and build more.

Helping Contractors Overcome Operational Challenges

Crew & Equipment Management

Keep your equipment running

Match the right workers and the right equipment to the right jobs at the right time. Get the most out of your resources. Quickly receive the info you need to improve forecasting and maximize job opportunities.

Crew Scheduling & Assigning

Schedule crews in real-time

Simplify scheduling and streamline communication between your crew, contractors, and subcontractors, using a bird’s-eye view to plan projects. Make this process easier and use the extra time to focus on growing the business.

Jobsite Time Tracking & Field Data

Ditch the paper timesheets

Painlessly collect critical data through the Assignar App. Now, you don’t have to guess what’s happening in the field. With increased visibility and better quality control, you can run that tight ship with less worry.

Construction Reporting & Analytics

Improve project outcomes

Uncover answers to the questions that help grow your business. Assignar brings together all the information you collect and presents it through various reports, so you can understand how your business is running.

What Assignar Customers Have to Say

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Every move we make is backed by customer input. We build for contractors so they can build better.

Win More. Build More.

Without Assignar

  • Several digital tools housing the same information
  • Tedious scheduling using whiteboards and spreadsheets
  • Rework resulting from miscommunication and poor project data
  • 6-8 hours entering hours into payroll
  • Machine downtime 20-30% due to lack of preventative maintenance

With Assignar

  • One cloud-based tool for all your operational needs
  • View recommended workers and instantly communicate new assignments
  • Real-time communication from field to the office keeps projects on schedule
  • Reduce payroll time by up to 93%
  • Upload and access maintenance forms from anywhere, and keep equipment working hard

A Pathway to Success

Win more. Build with Assignar.