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Operation software for construction contractors

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Built to help contractors improve efficiency and safety.

Manage workforce, assets, and compliance.


Manage operators’ experience on units, schedule training, simplify toolbox talks, keep documents in one place. Schedule and allocate available compliant workers to projects.

Assets / Plant

Schedule maintenance reports, conduct and collect machine pre-starts in real time. Analyze defect rate.


Pass audits as a formality. No more last minute stress and panic. Be compliant the whole year round.

Real-time communication

Address issues as they arise, real-time communication between the field and office allows defects and safety issues to be actioned immediately.

“Timesheeting & payroll is now a breeze. We measure our time & money savings in days, not hours. Our employees love us going paperless.”

– Malcolm, Facilities Maintenance Contractor with 400+ workers

“Allocating has become much easier. Our team is able to work together and distribute the workload. Without Assignar we’d probably need double the number of people in this department.”

– Ciaran Deighan, Operations Manager, Retro Traffic

“Assignar ensures that only my qualified employees can be sent to my clients mine sites”

– Peter, CEO at Mining Contractor with 100+ workers

“The forms and competency features alone have made significant change to our business and I can’t talk more highly of them. Thank you to the Assignar team for an amazing product.”

– Melinda, Traffic Control Contractor

“Mate, this is the answer to our prayers!”

-Bronson, Civil Contractor with 30+ workers

Supercharge employees with the fieldworker app

The app allows your staff on site to submit timesheets, conduct safety inspections, file leave requests and stay compliant.

Working with industry leaders

Over 6,000 projects have been completed using Assignar.

Streamline operations

Manage workforce, assets and compliance.

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