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Connectivity between office and field

Schedule and allocate available compliant workers to projects. Track crew deployment in real-time and track on-site productivity. Manage operators’ experience on equipment & tasks, schedule training, simplify toolbox talks, collect timesheets, capture QA data & keep documents in one place.

Train, induct, allocate, communicate, comply, pay and invoice

Sub and General Contractors use Assignar to manage their entire workforce

Real time connection with your mobile workforce

A complete solution to manage a construction field team

Schedule and allocate workers

Schedule compliant and available workers to jobs / projects / orders. Using a resource timeline you have complete control over who works on what project. Planning shifts has never been easier.

Collect timesheets

Track billable hours in digital timesheets. Gain instant access to hours worked. Apply charge rates and pay rates to process payroll and invoices.

Document management

Get rid of the site specific paperwork, Assignar provides version control on digital documents. Supply the field team with up-to-date documents.

Form collection

Collect any information from site. Build a custom digital form and have your field team complete them. All data is accessible in real-time reports.

Workplace communication

2-way In-app or SMS communication. Improve the relationship between office and field. Notify job changes, request job confirmation, and collaborate with the entire team.

Quality assurance

Be compliant 365 a year. With timely alerts, licences and certificates won’t expire. Export a competency matrix to send to your customers.

“Assignar allows us to communicate clearly with our personnel. All documents saved on the app are easy to access when on site and having the flexibility to access the dashboard anywhere allows us to keep our operations current and personnel informed.”

– Erin, Operations Manager – Sunraysia Cranes

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