Join the Assignar team

We are always looking for superstars of Customer Success, Sales & Marketing, Product Management and of course Engineering for our Sydney, Denver and Prague offices.

Our values

These values guide our business, how we develop our product and our brand. As Assignar continues to evolve and grow, these 4 values remain consistent.

Our customers are EVERYTHING to us

The minimum we do is meet customer expectations. We aim to satisfy the itch they can’t scratch, the problem they can’t solve, the pain they can’t get rid of. We’ll work tirelessly to do so. If we have customers who don’t love us, our ship is sunk.

Own the problem, and do something about it

Accountability is everything to us, and we’re driven to deliver results for our customers. Feeling their pain, solving their 1% problem and owning it from start to end is what we do. Even though it may not be in my job description, I’ll get involved, own it and solve it.

Open communication. Silence is deadly

Open, honest and transparent communication is our culture. When we communicate and are straight up about it, everybody wins, including our customers. Bad news doesn’t getter better with time!

Freedom to innovate

Our customers have amazing ideas and problems that need solving. We love listening to them and building innovative solutions for them. We challenge ourselves and each other to disrupt existing processes and problems, always looking for a better way.