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Martinus Rail optimises scheduling for streamlined operations

Martinus Rail, an Australian-owned and operated rail business, specializes in the design, supply, construction, and maintenance of railway assets in Australia and select international markets. With a focus on medium to large-scale multi-disciplined projects, Martinus Rail has emerged as a prominent player in the rail infrastructure construction sector.


  • Efficient coordination
  • Real-time compliance & reporting
  • Data for employee satisfaction & hiring


Compliance Hurdles

Rail projects are known for their intricate planning and stringent compliance requirements. Ensuring seamless coordination between different project aspects and maintaining compliance throughout the project lifecycle can be a significant challenge. Martinus Rail recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to manage their operations, assets, safety, and compliance while supporting their rapid growth.

A Versatile Solution

The transition to Assignar was remarkably smooth, with the workforce readily adopting the Assignar app on their personal devices (Phones, Tablets, Laptops). This empowered employees to efficiently update personal information, competencies, complete pre-start procedures, safety observations, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), accept project allocations, and submit timesheets and expense claims. The real-time visibility of this data was pivotal, as it allowed Sydney Headquarters’ staff to access immediate insights and reports.

Assignar’s individual profiles and app design bolstered workforce accountability. Employees took responsibility for their personal information, competencies, timesheets, and leave within the platform. The app’s functionalities enabled seamless communication with the organization, fostering a sense of responsibility among the team. In case of absenteeism or staff changes, Assignar enabled swift reassignments and informed decision-making through data-driven insights.

Assignar’s integration with other critical platforms like Finance, HR, and Learning Management Systems (LMS) streamlined the tracking of staff, compliance, and budgets. This integration contributed to the efficient management of a high-quality workforce, positioning Martinus Rail as a leader in rail infrastructure construction in Australia.

“Once we implemented Assignar, the rollout and subsequent use of the Assignar app by our workforce was quick and easy." - Krystle, Martinus Rail

Transforming Rail operations

  1. Efficient Coordination: Assignar facilitated the seamless dispatch of field teams, ensuring that the right personnel with appropriate skills and resources were allocated to projects. This enhanced operational efficiency across diverse rail projects.
  2. Real-time Compliance and Reporting: The platform’s real-time visibility allowed for effective OHS and compliance management, enabling swift decision-making and regulatory adherence.
  3. Employee Empowerment: Assignar empowered employees to take ownership of their data, competencies, and communication with the organization, fostering accountability and engagement.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Assignar’s data insights enabled the organization to assess employee satisfaction, guide cultural initiatives, and make informed hiring decisions.
  5. Integration for Operational Excellence: Seamless integration with supporting platforms like Finance, HR, and LMS streamlined processes, resulting in enhanced budget control and staff management.

By addressing the complexities of rail projects and ensuring compliance, the platform facilitated efficient project execution, empowered employees, and enabled data-driven decision-making. Martinus Rail’s successful implementation of Assignar showcases how technology can be harnessed to overcome challenges and achieve significant growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

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