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Mastering the Art of Talent Attraction and Retention

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Tyler Campbell

CEO at Storybuilder and Host of the Construction Brothers Podcast

Tyler came into his family business, ABSI, as an apprentice beginning in early 2012 and worked there for 10 years. During that time in the industry, Tyler fell in love with helping construction companies tell their stories through social media, podcasting, design, photography, and videography. He began to notice the difficulties construction companies have when hiring marketers. Marketers typically don't have industry experience, so the content that they create doesn't resonate as much as it could. So in 2021, Tyler launched Storybuilder with the mission to help contractors tell their stories by developing a strategy around social media, creating content, clarifying messaging, developing employee advocacy, and building influence.

The Highlights

Tyler Campbell is a sixth-generation builder who spent a decade in the family business before starting his own company, Storybuilder—a creative studio focused on fixing some of the industry’s challenges through marketing. Tyler’s background is in structural steel detailing, which gave him insights that still informs his mission today.

Despite his love for construction, Tyler was interested in marketing, photography, and videography. He finally decided to tie everything in with construction after being inspired by others in the industry who had succeeded in branching out. With a unique combination of creativity and industry knowledge, Tyler believes his team can help tackle industry-wide problems, such as labor shortages, by understanding branding, culture, and the needs of workers.

marketing for recruitment

Posting a help-wanted sign no longer works the way it once did.

The content Tyler and his team create through Storybuilder drives people to businesses through marketing channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They also utilize billboards and mailers.

However, a company’s website must look professional for those marketing initiatives to work.

Companies must make it easy for applicants to submit their resumes through an online portal or by calling a number. They also must clearly communicate how a role can grow. But by this point, Tyler’s work is done, and it’s up to businesses to create consistent hiring efforts that will ensure a continual pool of potential employees.

Some contractors are concerned about not being able to find the right employees through ads on social media, or competitors trying to steal showcased employees from ads. To tackle this, creating a great work environment is critical. It is often overlooked in the industry, but is crucial in retaining employees.

“I think it’s super important that we’re getting consistent reminders that people are the thing that matter most in this industry. That’s the thing that makes buildings go together.”

Tyler says that marketing can’t solve all these problems, but having a solid workforce will lead to growth and success.

REtaining talent through culture

As a structural detailer for ten years, Tyler witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of toxic individuals in the industry. He’s seen harassment towards female employees and others for their race. This behavior is systemic and not conducive to a healthy work environment. It’s cultural embedded things like this that Tyler believes need to be eliminated for the industry to attract and retain top talent.

“You gotta be an incredible place to work. So if you have a toxic work environment, you’re gonna spend all this money getting all these people in, and they’re gonna leave you next month.”

In line with this, contractors should be aware of mental health and work towards creating a healthier workplace. Tyler left his job in detailing because it became mentally healthy for him, despite how hard he worked. He urges the industry to acknowledge and address these issues by choosing their words wisely, focusing on being ‘of service,’ and working towards a more supportive and healthier environment.

If you liked this podcast, catch Tyler every week on the Construction Brothers Podcast, where, alongside his brother, he interviews industry professionals to gain deeper insights, connect the dots and share findings.


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