JBG Contractors Scales its Business

JBG Contractors Scales its Business

JBG Contractors has been performing civil works, demolitions and asbestos removal in Sydney and on the South Coast of NSW for the last 40years. Their expertise and high safety standards set them apart from their competitors. Their reputation has been built on long-term relationships and total commitment to delivering superior outcomes for their clients.

The Need for Operations Software

In order to grow our business and grow the jobs in our industry, we needed visibility into our current business whilst implementing new processes and systems to confidently bid for bigger projects. – Richard Murray, General Manager

In our search for a system, we realised one of our biggest costs was labour. As we analysed our current process of managing labour costs and payroll, the inefficiencies in our operations were brought to light. Prior to implementing Assignar, we had workers dropping their timesheets and dockets in postal boxes, texting work times and job confirmations and sending photos of paper timesheets. It was at this point we realised we needed a digital system where we could align workers against jobs in the field, with digital timesheets and POs.

Custom Forms and Asset Maintenance

One of the biggest features we use on Assignar is the custom forms. Moving all of our paper forms to Assignar has greatly increased our efficiency and lowered our admin costs. Now all our pre-starts, SWMS, site diaries and incident reports are located on Assignar. With all our important site documents logged on the platform, our owner can login on his laptop at any location and see what jobs have been completed, any jobsite photos and read all the notes in the site diaries to have full visibility into the business operations on any given day.

With this insight, our asset maintenance process has improved immensely. Instead of going through paper invoices on particular machines to find important vehicle and plant information, we are now able to easily search through Assignar and have reminders sent to our maintenance team when our machines are in need of a service.

Implementing Assignar

The executive team were a bit apprehensive about implementing Assignar but when we did onboard our team to Assignar, we couldn’t believe how smoothly it went. We thought we would get a lot of pushback, especially from the older guys but everyone across the board embraced it. We did a little bit of training with the supervisors regarding the app and they took it out to the field and introduced it during their toolbox talks. Very little in-house training was required to get Assignar up and running, there was hardly any pain moving away from our old method of operations and I was very surprised how seamless and easy it all was.

“From what we wanted out of Assignar as an operations platform, we got a whole lot more!”
– Richard Murray, General Manager

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