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Updated on September 21st, 2022


Solution Plant Hire (SPH) is a dry hire company, the business is based on exceptional customer service and high-quality compliant equipment and attachment hire. SPH is differentiating itself through their document and form policies to manage fleet quality. When hiring with SPH, all paperwork is done before the equipment arrives on site.

Paperwork before equipment arrives on site

“We maximize the efficiency for our clients by completing the paperwork before our equipment arrives on site. Our guys complete all the safety documentation required to get the equipment on site so that customers can have peace of mind that the equipment will meet regulations.” – Rebecca, Solution Plant Hire

“We keep a log of all form submission related to individual assets in Assignar. We keep all documents current, as we get notified when one is due to expire. Before dispatching and at the return of equipment, the guys in the workshop complete machine inspection forms. Assignar gives us insight in the hours of operations on every asset. We can generate a report with the form results and the hours of operations, this is very valuable when maintaining a large fleet like ours.”

Communicating with customers and staff on the road

“We use Assignar to SMS clients for when we have messages which could add value to their job, like for example how to keep their equipment safe over a long weekend. The SMS functionality is also strong for marketing purposes.

In our business, sales staff are often out on the road visiting sites. Many of our customers call our office, and when they are unable to take the call we have to get the message to our sales team as quick as possible, the way to do this been through the SMS feature in Assignar.”

Communication with the workshop

“The communication between our workshop and the office has improved with Assignar. The system we had before was effective, but had some holes, restricting us to guarantee 100% quality. Now with Assignar, all data is stored in one place, everybody knows how to work with it and it is easy to use. Assignar has given us a lot more transparency and insight for everyone involved.”

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