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Collect and process timesheets
from construction site

Eliminate paper timesheets & automate payroll breakdown

Automated connection between field and office.

All timesheets are submitted on site, online. Approve timesheets from the dashboard or app, ready for payroll. You can even attach a photo of your site docket!

Decrypting poorly handwritten timesheets is from the past.

Customize with as many activities as you require

Do you require your workers to specify different activities? No problem, your workers can specify activities (ie. Driving to site, working on site, lunch, driving home). All activities will be stored in fully customizable reports so you can invoice accordingly.

Integration with accounting software

Integrate the timesheet feature with your payroll and accounting software including Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage and more. Export a detailed and accurate timesheet data set with one simple click and get on with your day.

Replace paper timesheets

Automated time tracking for the guys in the field.

Check in & check out

Workers can also check in when they start working, and check out when they stop. Their timesheets will be automatically submitted.

Allowances & breaks

Include meal allowances, travel allowances, break times, dockets or customize

Attach dockets and pictures

Workers and shift managers can take a picture of the docket to attach to timesheets. This makes sure you always get paid for the hours worked.

Geo locate timesheet submissions

Know where timesheets are submitted. On site or somewhere else. You’ll get more control over your operations.

Digital Signature

Your workers or supervisors can sign off timesheets. Give your supervisors permission to approve, decline or change timesheets straight from the FieldWorker app.

All-in-One Operations for Your Field & Office Teams

Collect timesheets

Use the fieldworker app to collect timesheets. All timesheets will be stored in Assignar for you to approve and export to your accounting software.

Build custom forms

Collect safety reviews, machine pre starts, annual leave request forms, and more, with the Fieldworker App.

Realtime communication

Reduce wasted time on phone calls. Group workers, suppliers, clients, and other contacts to send bulk emails and sms.

Plan and allocate

Get more value from your workforce by allocating competent and available workers to the right equipment and the right tasks.

Receive compliance alerts

Keep your documents, licenses and certificates current. With fully customizable alerts and reminder you never miss and expiry again.

Manage Suppliers

A complete supplier management tool to manage workers, assets, costs & scheduling.

Accurate invoicing

Import timesheet data and add asset charge rates from the order. Easily build invoices in the easy to use editor.

Process payroll

Automatically import workers’ pay rates, asset charges, and overhead charges. Integrate with the accounting software you currently use.

Customized reports

Get insights in your operations. Visualize your operation data in a wide variety of reports.


Build custom forms

Collect safety reviews, machine pre starts, annual leave request forms, and more.