Allroad Group uses Assignar to operate without a central asset depot and increased efficiency by 60%

Updated on September 21st, 2022

About Allroad

Allroad is a Sydney based traffic contractor. The company offers a full spectrum of traffic-related services, from general traffic management, instalment of traffic management, the supply of traffic controllers to in-house traffic training. The company’s vision is to “change the image of traffic management by changing the way it’s done.” By focussing on people, quality, efficiency and customer service the company aims to be the world’s finest traffic management organization.

Mobile Asset base without a central depot

“Our entire asset base is mobile, we operate without a central depot, Assignar gives us the flexibility to align jobs to regions where our assets are based. We track where our assets are, and cross-reference that with the jobs. Our drivers operate remotely, saving us fuel, toll, and driving time.

“They don’t have to come to the office to collect and deliver documents and forms, everything is done in the cloud. We have much more control over allocations as we are no longer restricted to a central depot and central meeting point for our workers. The assets and workers are in the most efficient location.” – Lee, CEO

Mobile staff induction and communication

“Communication with our workers in the field is done through the Assignar app. To give an example of the communication through Assignar; I recently made some revisions to our Safe Work Method Statement. We upload those documents to the workers’ app. We notify them about the changes and that they have to sign off the induction form in the app. We track who has signed on the dashboard, and change the profiles, the whole process is done in the cloud.

“Before, we would have to call all our staff to the office, wasting a lot of time. So from a quality assurance perspective, it has become a lot easier to manage. There are no excuses for poor communication anymore, making everyone accountable for their documents and expiries. Within minutes, we can send an updated competency matrix to our customers, straight from Assignar.” – Renee – Operations manager

Working with Assignar

“We were one of the first companies to start with Assignar, the system has never been complicated to understand, and is consistently evolving to make our job more efficient. The new job copy feature allowed us to copy repetitive jobs. We only have to enter the data once, change the date, and all staff will know what is expected of them.

“We’ve improved efficiency up to 60% as allocation staff can manage 50 instead of 30 workers. The introduction of cloud-based software has enhanced our company growth with minimally impacting overhead costs. It has helped us to improve our service and efficiency, and we love efficiency!” Said Lee

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