utilize your equipment

With rising pressures in an industry with slim profit margins, Assignar helps construction contractors do more with what they already have.

It’s hard out there

Although new infrastructure bills means more work for construction companies, many are still working at a loss due to increasing costs and shortages.


Rising fuel costs

Inflationary pressures mean increasing fuel prices and higher operational costs.


Supply chain distribution

A short supply and an influx of new work means higher prices and project delays.



Not enough skilled workers means companies are forced to overwork or not at all.

What you can do about it

Gain greater visibility into your entire operations

Greater visibility into how hard people and equipment are working at any point in time allows construction companies to understand areas of underutilization and overutilization and identify ways to improve productivity.


Get the right people and equipment to the job

Ensuring that the right resources, people, and equipment needed to complete a job are at the right place at the right time saves business owners time, money, and headaches. Up-to-date certifications and maintenance prevents unexpected delays and keeps equipment working.


Enable your field workers to get information to the office, fast

When jobsite information gets to the office fast, construction companies can respond quickly to keep the project on track. In addition, empowering workers to fill out digital forms to reflect their work, as well as flag any issues, decreases idle time and ensures one source of truth.


Digitize your operations so you're not in the dark

In the past, construction project costs and variances were only understood after the fact. When construction operators digitize the process of recording material usage, no one is left in the dark about what was spent, where the project stands, and what is needed.


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Schedule Smarter

Stick to the schedule laid out in your bid while Assignar recommends the best equipment for the job. Receive alerts so you only schedule what’s available.

Respond Faster

Send important info from the job site like urgent equipment maintenance requests through the Assignar app, so equipment doesn’t sit idle longer than needed.

Visualize Insights

Gain insights into how your using your resources company-wide so you can identify areas for improvement and increase productivity.

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The equipment optimization playbook

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