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Increase fleet utilization, track maintenance, keep records of compliance and activities with Assignar’s equipment management software.

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Reduce liability

Reduce financial losses and improve safety. Logs and audits result in reduced liabilities such as insurance premiums, fines, and penalties.

Improved services and outputs

Assuring the performance of equipment leads to improved services and/or products that consistently exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders.

Increase equipment lifetime

Make sure fleets are used the way they are intended by qualified operators. Automatically schedule maintenance based on hours of operation.

Track equipment in one place

Store all information from maintenance records to pre-start forms, and track who has used equipment and on which jobs.

Only schedule equipment with qualified workers

Stay compliant by scheduling qualified operators with equipment to projects. Automatically match capabilities, skills and requirements to tasks and activities.

Increase uptime, enforce maintenance

You set the rules when a machine is due for maintenance. Assignar notifies you well in advance so maintenance can be scheduled around your projects, instead of when you need equipment the most.

“We’ve got to make sure all our paperwork is done. That’s where Assignar comes in, and it is really good for us.”

– Andrew, Solution Plant Hire


Maintenance alerts

Receive alerts when maintenance is due.

Service records

Keep track of servicing reports and estimate equipment lifetime.

Digital machine pre-start forms

Receive machine pre-start forms in real-time. Make them required for operators to ensure you get all forms for every shift.

Track equipment utilization

Make sure equipment is used the way it is intended to be used by qualified operators.

Allocations tracking

Track where equipment is and allocate them to new jobs in the area.

Manage attachments

Make sure you schedule equipment with the right attachments.

Conform to regulatory requirements

Transparently conform to statutory and regulatory requirements, and adhere to equipment management standards, policies and processes.

Managed risk

Reduce financial losses and improve health and safety. Logs and audits result in reduced liabilities such as insurance premiums, fines, and penalties.

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