DPW Plant Hire uses Assignar to automate their compliance process

Updated on September 21st, 2022


DPW Plant Hire offers a broad range of rotating telescopic handlers and Multi Cranes. With over 20 years of experience within the rail sector, DPW stands out from its competitors by cultivating an innovative business culture. DPW was the first multi-crane company to have mobile EWP compliance and they are constantly looking for alternative methods, techniques and technologies that can bring their services to the next level for their customers.

50% reduction in time spent chasing down paperwork

Managing Compliance Efficiently

As tier 1 suppliers, we ensure that all our workers and machines are fully compliant. We win work because all our machines meet every Rolling Stock Operator (RSO) Certification. It is paramount we are on top of all safety documentation for our systems and machinery. Maintaining these high compliance standards across the different rail networks took a lot of energy and time but now with Assignar, we have one program that can manage all of this more efficiently.

Allocating and Staff Management

We mainly use Assignar to allocate the appropriate plant with the appropriate operator. From our allocator’s perspective, we are able to find the best qualified and compliant operator for each specific plant with the visibility and record-keeping the Assignar platform provides.

For our workers, all their important site documents are submitted on their phones via the app. If anything goes wrong, we have a digital audit trail securely logged on Assignar, so we can track where all our workers are, what plant they are assigned to and what documentation they have submitted.

Digital Dockets and Forms

Collecting and processing physical dockets was a very time-consuming process. With many of our operators working on sites in different states and regions to our head office, we experienced delays in getting the dockets back for processing. With Assignar, we built out a digital docket and worked closely with one of our Tier 1 customers on a major rail infrastructure project to get this approved.

When custom forms were released, we were the first customers to roll it out into our business as we recognised the importance of changing paper-based digital documentation to digital.

Transitioning from hard copy documents such as pre-start checklists and SWMS to digital has reduced the time we spent chasing up and processing these forms by 50%.

Assignar and Our Team

Implementing Assignar to our business was an easy transition and process. We held a workshop with all our technical team members, then our WHS Coordinator further taught the crew how the use the app through one-on-one sessions. There has been a positive reaction to Assignar, as it aligns with our innovative business culture. There is a positive vibe about it. Everybody has got onboard and think moving to digital is a good move. It’s the direction the world is going and they have been able to embrace it.

As innovators in the industry, we create and work with a lot of unique worker safety systems. The Assignar team has been very helpful in ensuring that the platform can cater to the high standards of safety we uphold at DPW Plant Hire. Our WHS Coordinator, always speaks highly of the work our Assignar Customer Success Manager has done to help us achieve the outcomes we want from the platform.

“Assignar has proven to be a very good product for our business.”

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