Assignar starts alliance with San Francisco based Fieldwire to digitize job sites worldwide.

Assignar starts alliance with San Francisco based Fieldwire to digitize job sites worldwide.

We’re excited to formally announce our strategic partnership with San Francisco-based Fieldwire. Fieldwire is a field management platform that powers over 200,000 construction projects in the world. With its easy-to-use mobile application, Fieldwire connects workers in the field with their counterparts in the office, enabling efficient task management and real-time collaboration.

For a while now, the teams have been exchanging knowledge about each others home markets. As our products have almost no overlap yet so much synergy, it was a no-brainer to formalise & intensify a partnership between Fieldwire and Assignar. The goal is simple – get more contractors to use high quality software to address productivity issues in their business and on jobsites.

“We all are acutely aware that construction is one of the least digitized industries globally, which has lead to a stagnation of overall productivity and increased cost. We see many software platforms coming to market that solve daily productivity problems really well. However, market fragmentation makes customers reluctant to add ‘yet another app’ to their business processes.

An open ecosystem built on shared alliances gives contractors the freedom to select best-in-class vendors for every application, while maintaining interoperability and data portability.” Said Sean McCreanor – Founder and CEO Assiganar

Yves Frinault, Fieldwire founder and CEO, added, “For the sake of breaking data silos, too many tools end up trying to do too much, often doing it poorly in the process. At Fieldwire we know that we are uniquely good at certain things and so is Assignar. Increased cooperation and integration between vendors allows us to deliver the highest quality service without creating data silos for the client. It’s a proven model that is now widespread in many verticals from software to marketing and sales and there is no reason it should be any different in the construction industry.”

Contractors interested in learning more about potential package deals or the benefits of a combined technology stack can contact either company for more information.

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