Tracking Assets on Construction Sites

Construction projects are complex and have many moving parts. Project managers main responsibility is to make sure people and equipment are at the right place at the right time. When an expensive piece of earth moving equipment is at a job site, and there is no crew to operate it, productivity and profitability suffer. It is also a sign that the system of using Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards used by construction managers needs to be replaced by a complete construction management suite centered in the cloud.
Cloud based software has several benefits over Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards. As most processes are automated, contractors can collaborate and share insight. Anyone in the company can access the information that is available in real time. Cloud based operations software can streamline the following processes:

  1. Scheduling and allocation of compliant workers to projects
  2. Electronically file timesheets
  3. Keep employee documents in one place
  4. Allow for simplified toolbox talks
  5. Schedule and monitor training for operators

With workers appropriately scheduled, project managers need certainty that the equipment needed on a jobsite is there for crews to work with.

Asset Document Management

Giving certainty that equipment is in the field and ready to use is more complicated than calling up a bulldozer or a crane and direct it to a job site. Equipment is a lot like employees and requires copious paperwork before a piece of equipment can be sent into the field. Keeping a folder with all the pre-start forms and defect logs in the crane itself leads to lost documents and slow processing. Modern day contractors use cloud based technology to improve communication with the field. Pre start form data and defect logs get sent to the office immediately through the mobile app.  All the documents required to operate the specific asset are accessible to the allocated operator.
When the operator is processing the required forms (pre-start and defect forms), the office receives the results in real time including a gps location where the form has been submitted. This enable project managers to track assets and see immediately where the asset is being used. With the Allocation calendar, project managers can optimize utilisation of their assets and skilled operators. Additional key reasons to use asset tracking software for your construction projects:


In November 2016, the New York Times reported that construction worker fatalities are rising and that on many job sites there were numerous safety violations. That and other incidents have caused OSHA to step up its enforcement process on construction sites. This means that documentation of equipment maintenance, repair, and employee training must be available. The right storage of documentation is the backbone for a safe work environment.


Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing key equipment extends the service life of equipment and avoids costly preventative repairs.

Tracking assets in construction

Assignar is for the construction industry and other industries that are highly regulated. It gets the right workers paired up with the right equipment to get projects completed as scheduled. It also keeps track of hours worked, equipment maintenance, and much more. All the data needed to determine workforce productivity and asset use as well as project profit and loss are easily retrievable using Assignar.
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