Everyone compliant, on every project

Manage compliance, training, experience, qualifications, inductions, certificates and availability.

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Pass audits with ease

Workers’ competencies, tickets and licenses are all located in one central hub. Remove the back-and-forth between the office and field. Schedule competent and compliant workers with confidence to each job. Pass ISO 45001, AS/NZS 4801 and OSHAS 18001 audits simply.

No one is getting sent home from site

Stop sending workers home due to non-compliance and miscommunication. With a complete view of worker compliance and experience, you can easily dispatch the best people for the job.

Protect your business from claims

Demonstrate workflows and easy management of your compliance process to your client. Protect your business from any claims with a digital audit trail of all WHS forms submitted and important site documents easily accessible and shared.


Track workers in one place

Store all personal contact information, track the jobs they have worked and the equipment they can operate. Segment workers based on skills to schedule and communicate.


Only schedule compliant workers

Stay compliant by scheduling qualified labor for projects. Automatically match skills and requirements to tasks and activities.


Share accountability for expired documents

Assignar sends automatic notifications and alerts when documents, licenses, or certificates are due to expire. Send workers a reminder to make sure they update their own documentation.

The tracking of the compliance and the training, the inductions and competencies of all our workers. Without Assignar we would not be where we are today.

– Luke, Perfect Hire
Track skills of your workforce

Use Assignar to track training progress and add custom skills/tags to workers. This feature also simplifies scheduling workers for specialty jobs.

Track inductions

Make sure your workforce is inducted for the job you’re scheduling them to.

Send the same workers to the same client

Find all workers that have done work on a certain site or for a certain client. Allocate them to the new job for the same client.


Know where your field workers are for each job. Confirm that they are on-site when submitting timesheets and forms with geo-location timestamps.

Log everything

Increase accountability in the workforce, keep a journal per worker and save form results per worker.

Manage time attendance

Use the timesheet feature to track time attendance and easily split time per project/client in customizable reports.

Predict labor shortages

Easily estimate labor activity and predict limited resources for projects. See which workers are available, compliant, and inducted.

Working with Subcontractors?

Add your suppliers’ licenses and documents. Receive alerts in the same way as for your own workforce.

Improve your entire operations from the office to the field in real time.

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