Jobsite Documentation – Keep the Right Documents on Construction Jobsites

Updated on October 25th, 2022

Keep Up With Construction Jobsite Documentation

To operate an efficient and effective jobsite documentation program, you need a system that reliably integrates quality control functionality and dependable worker safety features into a versatile multi-tasking asset management system. You need a system capable of ensuring that your company always keeps the right documents in all the right places. It’s about establishing a reliable flow of current and relevant jobsite data and documentation. This means that your company must provide:

  • More than a weekly pep talk
  • More than a monthly pen-to-paper updating process
  • AND more than an occasionally squared-up spreadsheet.

Jobsite Documentation – Keeping Up With Matters of Safety

According to the 2017 US Department of Labor “Job Hazard Analysis” report, applied availability of workplace health and safety protection documentation is a decisive factor in the reduction and severity of work-related illnesses as well as work-related injuries (Job Hazard Analysis). Failure to ensure that all site workers have rapid and easy access to relevant construction jobsite documents can result in unnecessary fines, repetitious errors related to safety and health, and an inability to correctly identify, correct and control even basic workplace safety hazards. Some of the benefits associated with safety-related on-hand jobsite documentation include:

Jobsite Documentation – Keeping Up With Quality Control

Load 28 manages a construction workforce that operates in two different states. They specialize in structural steel installation via use of limited access crane hires. By using applied asset management technology, Load 28 management is able to ensure that company-wide quality control operations function smoothly, reliably and electronically. The focus is on the delivery of daily project reports that enable rapid onsite documentation covering every aspect of product performance, including all components of variations and product defects. According to Load 28 management, some of the QC benefits to a reliable asset management system include:

  • Immediate and direct communications between clients, employees, and management
  • Rapid logging and identification of damaged materials and resources
  • AND Immediate and onsite documentation of any necessary reorders.

Other jobsite documentation solutions:

  • Real-time on-site timesheet processing
  • Reliable jobsite documentation for tracking sick days, leave days and vacation days
  • On-site access to subcontractor’s agreements and communications
  • AND the simple assurance that every worksite keeps up-to-date access for all the right documents as a day every day scheduling resource.

Keeping the right documents on a construction jobsite can be much easier than you may imagine. It’s just a matter of having access to the best resources for the task. With the Assignar asset management apps, construction contractors can be assured that all workers have rapid and ready access to all the relevant documents necessary for licensing, certifications, maintenance scheduling, and so much more.

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