Prime Build uses Assignar to manage workplace health and safety

Commercial fitout - NSW

Established in 2008, Prime Build is a commercial fit out contractor. Operating across 3 states in Australia, Prime Build specialises in small and large retail outlet construction and refurbishments. The company is committed to being a sustainable and innovative industry leader in the commercial industry. Their client base includes large retail outlets Aldi, Kmart, Myers and more.

Operating in 3 states

“As we are spread across Australia’s east coast we’ve got many sites far away from each other. Health and safety are important to us and we like to keep innovating in this area. Working with paper forms made it difficult for us to get the right statistics. It took rather long to get all the information in the office.”

Health and safety forms

“Now with Assignar, we collate all health and safety information in real time. Using Assignar’s data visualiser we’re able to see trends and can improve our WHS. Our 50 fieldworkers have access to Incident reports, Plant inductions, PPE request forms, Safety inspection checklists and Toolbox talks.

Instead of having to go through all the forms, and see what we need to do. We’ve set up conditionals. When forms require follow up actions they come straight to me. That whole process has become much leaner.

With the real-time relay of WHS information, and notifications we have saved a lot of time and touch points from different staff members. Our field staff is saving a lot of time, as they don’t have to walk to the site office to report issues. They can do it on their phone and continue walking. It has decreased the number of touchpoints and increased the accuracy of data we receive back from the site.”


“We use Assignar’s SMS function as a staff notification system. Most guys on site don’t check their emails but the check SMS notifications. Recently, we’ve had some bad weather conditions with a couple of weeks of high winds at our New South Wales sites. With the SMS function, we were able to easily tag all workers on those sites and update them with local weather conditions.

We’re also using the SMS feature to send company updates in-house. We’ve recorded a short Youtube video and distributed it via the bulk SMS feature. It’s been a very fast response alert for us.”

Implementation process

“We put an implementation plan together. After the first week and a half, we threw that out of the window. We found to trickle feed and gradually implement the fieldworker app would be better. We started with 2 forms initially, once everyone was adjusted to that and the guys saw the value it has been a nice and steady roll out over the last few months. Everyone started using Assignar straight away.” – Ronnie, WHS Manager

After using Assignar for 5 months, we have had over 1000 forms submitted!

Assignar supports Prime Build with their Commercial fitout operations

The company uses it to manage workplace health and safety at the highest standard.

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