East Coast Traffic Control uses Assignar to maximise operational efficiency

East Coast Traffic Control uses Assignar to maximise operational efficiency
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Over the past 25 years, East Coast Traffic Control has specialised in providing national civil construction companies and government organisations with traffic controllers, specialist labour hire and traffic control equipment. East Coast Traffic Control delivers quality service through their staff, whose wealth of knowledge stems from working with the company for over 15 years.

With over 150 traffic controllers across Queensland, managing the workforce became difficult, especially with the inundation of paperwork associated with each project. The need to streamline our operations became apparent as our prior paper system and non-integrated ERP solution weren’t efficient enough to handle our growing business.

Saving on Admin Overheads

Assignar was the perfect solution compared to what we were doing before. We were able to save immensely on admin overhead costs as we transitioned from paper and non-integrated software to Assignar. As we grew, Assignar managed the admin workload without us needing to hire more staff.

Maximising Operational Efficiency

“As an Operations Manager, I am on my phone 24/7, so with Assignar I can go on my phone and nominate which forms each person needs to fill out on what day, conduct site audits and inspections and contact traffic controllers and supervisors without rushing back to the office to get important site documents.” – Bruce McKenzie, Operations Manager

Prior to Assignar, I had to chase the team for timesheets but now traffic controllers are responsible for submitting their timesheets via the Assignar app. Consequently, I am able to spend more time concentrating on managing my team and projects instead of admin paperwork.

Managing Compliance

Our traffic controllers are able to stay compliant with Assignar, they can access all their compliance forms on the app and store their current licenses via their profile. The app also notifies traffic controllers of any tickets expiring, which assists us in ensuring that all our crew are compliant whilst working with East Coast Traffic Control.

Introducing Assignar to our team

Implementing Assignar was a speedy process. For those that struggled a little bit more than others in working out the app, we created a mentor system with the Assignar champions and those that needed extra assistance.

“Our training sessions with our customer success manager were also beneficial in assisting us in getting to know the software. As an operations manager, it is easy to get distracted by other competing work priorities throughout the training, so the addition of video tutorials that we can refer back to post-session are really effective.” – Bruce McKenzie, Operations Manager

At East Coast Traffic Control we have really seen the efficiencies and cost savings Assignar has achieved for us and are great advocates for the software. We have already recommended the software to other companies, as Assignar is a great replacement for their current clunky and ineffective operations systems.

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