Keeping up with changing operations standards in the construction industry anno 2017

Keeping up with changing operations standards in the construction industry anno 2017

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A new era for construction and engineering

The construction industry is one of the most regulated industries, and operations standards are rapidly changing. However, many contractors are still struggling with field communication, collaboration, and accountability. They find it hard to schedule their workforce, collect data and remain compliant.
Projects have become unmanageable due to back office inefficiencies, onsite execution hurdles and lack of collaboration and accountability. However, according to McKinsey’s analysis, technology is rapidly transforming all these stages of the engineering and construction processes. They announce a new era where construction and engineering processes are standardized through technology and innovation.

Is the construction industry ready for new technology?

Looking at the industry as a whole, construction has one of the lowest technology adoption rates, and productivity has stagnated. This all happened while technology has proven to improve other industries’ productivity and ways of working significantly. In the graph below, McKinsey shows the actual numbers and compares the construction industry with others.

Source: McKinsey&Company

Is there technology available?

Yes, there are many tech companies enter the market that are focussing on problems in construction and engineering. Construction technology is addressing many use cases that are currently being done manually. Use cases include: quality control, document management, safety, equipment management, field productivity, scheduling, work order management, and contract management. Software providers like Assignar are solving real problems and improve cumbersome processes.

Source: McKinsey&Company

Assignar, the new standard

Using mobile solutions, Assignar is connecting the field with the office in real time. Among many use cases, contractors are able to operate on a higher level by improving document management, timesheet and form collection.

Companies who made the switch

Assignar is currently helping contractors with their workforce, assets, compliance and supply chain. The versatility of the platform allows contractors from different verticals to gain benefits from the platform.

Perfect Hire

As part of the Perfect Group, Perfect Hire is a labor and equipment hire contractor with over 300 workers in the field. They use Assignar to schedule their workforce, and manage compliance and training.

Solution Plant Hire

Solution Plant hire uses Assignar to keep their fleet well maintained. With specific checklists and inspection linked to individual assets, they deliver a high standard plant hire.

Retro Traffic

Retro Traffic is one of the largest traffic management companies in Australia, they are responsible for traffic around the new inner city Metro line in Sydney. Retro Traffic manages documents and schedules their workers with Assignar, ensuring a high service standard.


Manngroup is a demolition and strip out contractor in Sydney Australia, they use Assignar for their compliances and jobcosting.

Getting started

Getting started with Assignar is simple. Sign up for a free trial and have a look.

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