How Big Data is Transforming the Construction Industry – Part 1


Advances in technology, innovation, and the accessibility of big data are moving industries forward every day. How do all these advances relate to the Construction Industry?

It gives you the decision maker the ability to access your data in real-time to make business decisions based on real-time facts. Typically in the construction industry with regulation and manual processes, it is hard to know how long individual tasks on projects take. By having access to big data on how each project is moving along decision-makers can make a factual analysis of the time, costs and resources required.
This is part 1 of our 2 part series on big data and the transformation that is taking place in the construction industry RIGHT NOW! The infographic below explains 5 key areas that which advances in technology and access to data are helping move the Construction Industry forward.

At Assignar, we enable companies through our digital platform to capture live data and use it to make better business decisions. We help streamline all the admin processes that every construction business needs and harmonize the relationship between what happens on-site and feeding it back into the office.

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