ISO 20252: Does it Benefit Your Construction Company?

Updated on March 24th, 2022

The International Standard Association issued guidelines for ISO 20252 in 2006 and updated the standard in 2012. This standard is applicable to companies and organizations that conduct marketing, opinion, and social research. The standard applies to construction companies that perform any of these functions. Should your construction company seek certification for ISO 20252? Before deciding, you need the facts about ISO 20252.

What is the Scope of ISO 20252

The scope of ISO 20252 informs and educates interested parties and provides the terms, definition, and service requirements for professionals and organizations conducting market, opinion, or social research.

The standard is not applicable to companies performing non-market research like direct marketing. But, it does set out standards for a quality management system.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 20252 Certification?

The list of benefits that companies gain from ISO 20252 is long. Benefits include;

  • Puts your company on the world platform
  • Reduces risk
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Improves buyer confidence
  • Increases loyalty & satisfaction
  • Meets or exceeds best practice
  • Improves product and service quality
  • Improves corporate profile and competitive edge
  • Increases opportunities for international business
  • Assists in the protection of respondent privacy
  • Demonstrates a commitment to internal standards
  • Becomes a training platform for new employees
  • Fosters a culture of quality / continuous improvement
  • Increases value of your company

Additional benefits:

  • It can reduce waste
  • It can streamline processes and avoid duplication
  • It can minimize exposure to risk
  • It can reduce staff turnover

With users on high alert for malware, viruses, ransomware, and other tricks for separating users from their cash, ISO 20252 certification gives site visitors and any survey respondents assurance that your site and surveys, questionnaires, or interviews are confidential and the information obtained will only be used for general marketing purposes and not to market to users directly.

Another benefit for construction firms that are ISO 20252 has to do with investors, planning authorities, environmental boards and others interested in how a construction project obtained its data using best practices – for large construction companies this is an important benefit.

When potential buyers see that the construction company on a project is ISO 20252 approved, they too have a higher confidence in what the company says about its project. This helps sellers reject buyer objections based on sound research.

What Are the Disadvantages of ISO 20252 Certification?

Within the construction business, ISO 20252 certification has a number of disadvantages.

  1. Registration involves a lot of time, money, and paperwork.
  2. An ISO certificate is not a guarantee that the company’s data collection process is superior. It doesn’t certify anyone data collection method or process – just the company.
  3. Can fool clients into believing that certification means better quality.
  4. In order to comply with ISO standards, you might have to change things regarding your data collection practices
  5. Has the potential to reduce productivity by adding unnecessary actions

Automatic Data collection

Construction companies that decide on ISO 20252 certification make a smart move for selling services and getting construction contracts. One of the benefits of using the construction software put out by Assignar is that it provides the needed information for certification.

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