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Customized reports to get insight in operations

Group assets, workers, projects, suppliers to build custom reports.

Data Visualizer

Visualize your most important business processes


Get more results out of your workforce. Analyze whether your workers spend time on their core specialism, or are bugged down with assignments that can be done by support staff.

Form results

Analyze defect rate from machine pre starts, have a better insight on when to replace machinery.

Worker allocations

Visualize allocated time versus actual time spent on a project. Measure productivity overtime, or per project.

Custom reports

Import .csv data for customized reports. The data visualizer is flexible enough to give you the insights you require to improve your operations.


Visualize the most common problems in your operations, so you can do something about it.


Analyze time over time results, in a bar or line chart.


The easiest way to see how behavior changes from your workers.

Competency matrix

Export your competency matrix for your next audit. All the data is stored in assignar, export it to a complete .csv as well.

Stay on top of expiries

Whether you have expiring documents for workers, assets, suppliers, clients or projects. View how many will expire in a certain date frame.

Client project time report

Analyze billable hours per client, project, date or task.

Find the jobs that make you more money

Because all submitted timesheets are stored per job, you can easily get insight on hours spent for a certain job. You’ll be able to better estimate project time and profitability based on your historic data.


Worker usage


Asset usage

Measure asset and worker utilisation daily

Instantly, see how many of your workers and assets are dispatched.

Audit trail

Working together on the same project has never been this easy. In the audit trail you can track who did what. If something changed unexpectedly, this is where you look.

Fatigue Export

Generate a report, that shows which workers have worked more than 12 hours on which day. Export the report in FAID.

This report will generate a spreadsheet that’s formatted specifically for FAID. FAID is a Fatigue Assessment Tool.

All Features

All-in-One Operations for Your Field & Office Teams

Collect timesheets

Use the fieldworker app to collect timesheets. All timesheets will be stored in Assignar for you to approve and export to your accounting software.

Build custom forms

Collect safety reviews, machine pre starts, annual leave request forms, and more, with the Fieldworker App.

Realtime communication

Reduce wasted time on phone calls. Group workers, suppliers, clients, and other contacts to send bulk emails and sms.

Plan and allocate

Get more value from your workforce by allocating competent and available workers to the right equipment and the right tasks.

Receive compliance alerts

Keep your documents, licenses and certificates current. With fully customizable alerts and reminder you never miss and expiry again.

Manage Suppliers

A complete supplier management tool to manage workers, assets, costs & scheduling.

Accurate invoicing

Import timesheet data and add asset charge rates from the order. Easily build invoices in the easy to use editor.

Process payroll

Automatically import workers’ pay rates, asset charges, and overhead charges. Integrate with the accounting software you currently use.

Customized reports

Get insights in your operations. Visualize your operation data in a wide variety of reports.



Integrate Assignar with accounting or ERP system.