Customized reports to get insight in operations

Group assets, workers, projects, suppliers to build custom reports.

Custom reports

Visualize your most important business processes


Capture digital timesheets from the job site. Analyze activities, payrates, charge rates and allocations.

Checklist, inspection and Form results

Build custom forms to conduct inspections and finish checklists. Generate reports to analyze form results you get back from the job site.

Worker allocations

Visualize allocated time versus actual time spent on a project. Measure productivity overtime, or per project.

Keep track of asset utilization and maintenance

Analyze defect rate from machine pre-starts, have a better insight on when to replace machinery. Track fleet maintenance reports and make sure your fleet is used the way it’s intended to use by qualified operators.

Competency matrix

Export your competency matrix for your next audit. All the data is stored in Assignar, export it to a complete .csv as well.

Build custom safety reports and registers

All safety data is easily accessible through custom reports Report and track incidents, near misses, job hazards and injuries.

Audit trail

Log everything that’s happening in Assignar and in your business.

Custom reports

Import .csv data for customized reports. The data visualizer is flexible enough to give you the insights you require to improve your operations.

Group assets, workers, projects, suppliers to build custom reports.

Learn how Assignar helps to get a better view over your entire operations.

Improve productivity and efficiency

The Assignar platform helps you manage your business capabilities, schedule your resources, connect with your field teams and track project progress in real-time.


Access and manage your entire workforce and asset data in one place to demonstrate ability to execute


Efficiently assign and co-ordinate the best resources for your project, and manage any issue in real-time


Build a more collaborative and safer work environment


Take control with customisable real-time reporting to monitor, assess and plan your business

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