It’s 2019 – Australian crane businesses are winning with worksite digitisation

Updated on May 6th, 2022

The Crane industry in Australia is facing increasing demand for work and although residential work has slowed, infrastructure projects nationally have been fueling the boom. Cranes in our Australian skylines have reached an all-time high of 735. The RLB Crane Index Q1 2019 accredits the booming infrastructure work to our fast-growing population. With more work, compliance management, fleet maintenance and maximizing the time of crews and machines on each job becomes challenging.

To combat these challenges, more crane businesses are embracing worksite digitization and the benefits of operations software. Implementing digital solutions to manage your dogmen, operators and machines ensure that they are maximized each shift, increasing operational efficiency.

Crane businesses such as DPW Plant Hire, Sunraysia Crane and Rigging, and Load 28 have been reaping the benefits of operations software in their business. Specifically in terms of quality control, compliance management, and real-time data insights to maximize every shift.

Quality Control and Compliance Management

As a highly regulated industry, compliance documentation such as SPV permits, high-risk work licenses and dogman tickets are vast and largely paper-based. With operations software, important documents are stored in a digital repository and easily accessible for all team members, from crews to management via the mobile app.

Whether your crew is a 2-man band or over 100+ operators and dogmen, ensuring that each worker has up-to-date tickets and licenses is crucial. On the Assignar mobile app, each operator and dogman have their own profile with a digital copy of all competencies. With expiries stored on the Assignar dashboard, notifications can be set to ensure workers are accountable for updating their own competencies.

In addition, to maintain and improve quality control of cranes, proactive maintenance should be scheduled in advance and corrective action must be quick to ensure downtime of machines are minimal. With Assignar, machine pre-start checklists are digital and submitted via the mobile app before an operator starts their job. Once submitted, the maintenance team can be notified immediately of corrective action required. With operations software, mechanics and maintenance teams don’t need to wait for machine pre-start forms to come back to the yard once a job is finished before actioning corrective work.

“Transitioning from hard copy documents such as pre-start checklists and SWMS to digital has reduced the time we spent chasing up and processing these forms by 50%.” – Paul Waters, DPW Plant Hire, Managing Director

Real-time Data Insights into Labour Costs

With Australia investing in many major work projects, construction wages have surpassed rises in the prices charged for such construction work. In addition, the industry’s rising labor shortage, sees wages increase to retain workers and remain competitive. Given such, labor costs are a substantial portion of business expenses and ensuring that every shift is maximized to its full potential is achieved through real-time data insights.
With Assignar, timesheets are submitted digitally via the mobile app. Timesheet data is received from the jobsite in real-time with the date and time stamps and geolocation logged. This reduces the time admin staff take to chase up timesheets and dockets, enabling quicker invoicing to clients.

“Workers in Adelaide and Melbourne are all sending their timesheets through the Assignar app, it doesn’t matter where they are..the whole process is faster and a lot more accurate.” – Marcus Rigney, Load 28, Managing Director

Maximizing Every Shift

Major works, labor shortages, increasing costs, and competition, mean every shift counts now more than ever. Maximizing shifts can make operations more efficient and processes more effective. Resource utilization plays an important part in maximizing shifts. With Assignar’s construction scheduling software, you can combat labor shortage with efficiency by bulk allocating resources to decrease machine and crew downtime.
Furthermore, Assignar tracks compliance and quality requirements for every work order. Filter crews and assets by these requirements to always schedule the right resources to the right job. Go even more granular with custom tagging and worker experience tracking to ensure that you are maximizing each shift.

“Having a digital file of their competencies and licenses gives me the visibility to schedule my crew and equipment more effectively.” – Rebecca Waters, Hi-Range Crane Forks, Managing Director

Assignar – The Digital Solution

Crane businesses use Assignar to run their operations effectively by improving productivity, efficiency and safety. Assignar provides end-to-end real-time management of a company’s workforce, assets and compliance. Find out how Assignar can empower your operations. Schedule a demo today!

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