Sunraysia Crane and Rigging

Updated on September 21st, 2022

Sunraysia Crane and Rigging is a dynamic and versatile company that operates 24 hours 7 days a week. The company offers late model equipment and highly experienced personnel with strong attention to high-quality standards.

“Before we started using Assignar we used a different system to manage our operations. It worked, but it wasn’t as efficient as Assignar. We were able to schedule equipment and personnel, but it was hard to communicate changes. There are so many contributing factors in our industry, and the day can change dramatically at short notice, so communication is very important. With Assignar, we can easily make changes to our scheduling, upload the latest version of site documents, and send SMS to notify our personnel of any alterations and additional rigging gear they made need.

It’s important that the guys in the field have the right equipment and documents. With Assignar we are able to communicate a lot more effectively through SMS and the Field Worker App. Some of our guys never owned a Smartphone until we introduced Assignar. For them, it took some convincing to get them on board, but the app is so well designed to be user-friendly that we had no trouble at all with our personnel putting it into practice.

All permits and documents required to comply with industry-standard are stored on the app and easy to access specifically for each piece of equipment, nothing gets lost, and we are able to keep everything up to date especially when the expiries are displayed on the Assignar dashboard. Our Personnel are also able to view and update their own tickets, licenses, and inductions, and are notified a month in advance before any of them are due for renewal, this means when our crew arrives on-site, they will always have a copy of their site-specific induction card/certificate, tickets, and licenses as well as company SWMS docs and other frequently requested documentation. It has made quality control much easier.

We also make use of the forms section, we are able to create forms specific to our company, for example, an interactive SWMS, complete with signature panels and photographs, our personnel can complete this while on-site and email it from their phone to our office and the client immediately.

Being able to access the Assignar dashboard remotely means that we can make changes or updates from anywhere at any time, we will often have last-minute changes, and being able to complete these on my phone and send out a notification to all involved saves a lot of time and makes communication clear and direct.

I have found Assignar allows us to provide a far more efficient and reliable service to our customers, it helps us to maintain up-to-date records and is informative to our personnel and office staff.”
– Erin Hurley, Operation Manager

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