Kwik Logistics saves 4 hours a day and $35k per year

Updated on September 21st, 2022


Kwik Logistics is one of the leading providers of crane hire, specialised transport and traffic control in Western Australia (WA). As a family-owned and operated business, Kwik Logistics has experienced exponential growth through the mining boom, commercial, residential and civil projects as well as renewable energy. Their multifaceted offering that services an array of projects paired with their quick response rate and client focussed attitude sets them apart from their competition.

Well-known for delivering high-quality service and highly skilled operators since the 80s, Kwik Logistics has an extensive client range and services hundreds of clients each month across WA. In support of their growth, they have a large fleet and team. Specifically, 24 mobile cranes, 40 light vehicles, 25 trucks and over 120 employees. Through this growth, Gordon Smith-Gander, Chief Commercial Officer at Kwik Logistics and his team realised that despite the business growing significantly, the systems and processes managing and supporting their operations remained the same.

Software to scale

Up until 2008, Kwik Logistics was primarily paper-based. Once we realised that our operations needed further support to scale, we started looking at digital systems. It was important that we went cloud-based for all our data. We started with a custom-made reporting software for our fleet and accounting software for our finances but we needed a system for compliance and work, health and safety management. In 2016, we implemented Assignar into our business and it filled the compliance gap in our legacy systems.

Compliance management and timesheets

Prior to implementing Assignar, all our employees’ tickets and licenses we stored in data files and our safety forms were all paper-based. Our employees used to grab a stack of safety forms such as site inspection forms and incident reports when they were in the office and had to ensure that they had enough and all the correct forms for their job. If they didn’t have the correct form on them, they were required to contact the office for assistance.

Now all of our employees’ safety forms and competencies are stored in Assignar. The team can access it easily on their phone and see when tickets and licenses are expiring. With all this information stored in Assignar, the whole team can be on the same register and not left stuck on-site delaying works.

“In terms of timesheets, we used to be purely paper-based. Now with Assignar, we save 120 pieces of paper a day as the team now submit their timesheets through the mobile app.”

Having this mobility and ease of access really helps with getting data back from those on jobs in remote areas. Before Assignar, the team would text in their timesheet or physically drop by the office to hand it in. There is definitely less chasing up of timesheets now that we have Assignar. Now, all the safety forms and timesheets are done onsite and received in real-time to the office, which has assisted in providing efficiencies at Kwik Logistics.

“From an admin perspective, our staff have saved 4 hours collectively a day by removing manual processes. Calculated across a year of working, this equates to over $35,000 a year of savings.”

Onboarding Assignar

Our administration staff were absolute champions during the transition of our old systems to Assignar. The team are quite tech-savvy, so they really embraced the new technology. There were a few challenges operationally as change is always hard but we put in internal trials with the software, see what worked and did a modular rollout approach which made the transition reasonably seamless. Then we tried out a new element, learnt it and then rolled it out to each division prior to adding in a new module. Now, learning how to submit timesheets and safety forms via Assignar’s mobile app is a key process to the onboarding of new staff.

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