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Kwik Logistics saves 4 hours a day and $35k per year

Kwik Logistics, a prominent provider of crane hire, specialized transport, and traffic control in Western Australia, has achieved remarkable growth over the years, catering to diverse projects in mining, commercial, residential, civil, and renewable energy sectors. As the company expanded, the team recognized the need for modernizing its operational systems to support its growth.

Weighed Down by Paperwork

As the business grew exponentially, Kwik Logistics identified that their existing paper-based systems and processes were becoming inadequate. They needed a comprehensive solution to manage compliance, work health and safety (WHS), and operational data. Transitioning to digital systems was imperative for scalability and efficiency.

“In terms of timesheets, we used to be purely paper-based. Now with Assignar, we save 120 pieces of paper a day as the team now submit their timesheets through the mobile app.” - Gordon Smith-Gander, Chief Commercial Officer

A Software for contractors

In 2008, Kwik Logistics embarked on its digital transformation journey by adopting cloud-based solutions. Initially, they implemented custom-made reporting software for fleet management and accounting software for financial operations. However, the company still lacked a system to manage compliance and WHS effectively.

Kwik Logistics introduced Assignar in 2016, a software solution specifically made for contractors, that could address their compliance needs. Assignar was chosen for its ability to streamline safety management, store employee credentials, and provide a platform for mobile timesheet submissions. This transition filled the compliance gap in their legacy systems and set the foundation for operational improvements.

Greater efficiencies, Greater Savings

Compliance Management and Timesheets: Before Assignar, Kwik Logistics stored employee licenses and safety forms in physical files. This approach led to challenges in ensuring that the correct forms were available on-site, potentially causing delays. With Assignar, all safety forms and competencies are stored digitally, accessible through mobile devices. The system notifies employees about expiring licenses, facilitating timely renewals.

The transition to Assignar also significantly improved timesheet submission. Previously paper-based, the company now saves approximately 120 pieces of paper daily as employees submit their timesheets through the Assignar mobile app. This digital process enhances efficiency and accuracy, especially for employees working in remote areas.

Efficiencies and Savings: The shift to Assignar resulted in substantial operational efficiencies. Administrative staff reported saving approximately 4 hours collectively per day by eliminating manual processes. When extrapolated across a year, this equates to over $35,000 in annual savings. The real-time submission of safety forms and timesheets directly from job sites improved data accuracy and reduced the need for administrative follow-ups.

Smooth Onboarding and Modular Rollout: Transitioning to Assignar required internal trials and a modular rollout approach. While there were operational challenges, the company’s tech-savvy administrative staff embraced the new technology. Kwik Logistics focused on learning and implementing specific modules at a time, ensuring a seamless transition. Learning how to use Assignar’s mobile app for timesheets and safety forms became a crucial aspect of onboarding new staff.

“From an admin perspective, our staff have saved 4 hours collectively a day by removing manual processes. Calculated across a year of working, this equates to over $35,000 a year of savings.”

Ditch the Paperwork

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