Perfect Contracting trains and manages workers & equipment

Perfect Contracting trains and manages workers & equipment
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If you work in the construction and building industry, then you know that your equipment and labour are some of the most important things to take into account. However, the cost and time involved with maintaining, repairing and regularly servicing your tools and equipment, as well as the difficulty of finding skilled and reliable work crews can add up.

That’s where Perfect Contracting comes in. Based in Sydney, they offer both equipment and labour hire for construction projects all around Sydney. With a workforce over 300 people, organization and operations become complex and difficult to manage.

Staff training simplified

“Before we send our team members to the client, we make sure they go through our in-house training program. This is very important to us but has always been time-consuming to manage.

Assignar tracks and shows progression in the FieldWorker application. Our workers can easily see what documents, certificates or licenses they are missing. They can update their documents and we can provide the training. Once everything is flagged complete, we can dispatch our workers. If one of our clients gives negative feedback through Assignar, we can request that this team member goes through our training program again. We’ll explain why this happened and when the team member is expected to undergo training. With Assignar, this process can be done within minutes for all our 300+ workers.”

Always the best workers on site

“Also, quality management has become so much easier. We always send our best workers to the client and are certain they’re wearing full PPE, have the right documents, licenses and went through our in-house training program.

With Assignar we can easily view which of our workers are fully trained to operate equipment/machinery. Workers get reminded to renew licenses and certificates, and submit safety check forms and machine pre-start forms before they start working.”

No handwritten timesheets

“Quite often we were unable to process timesheets, they either got lost, were unreadable or were missing the customer’s signature. Now with Assignar, everything is automated through their Fieldwork App. We can collect timesheets, ask for feedback on the workers and have customers sign off on timesheets. Everything is automated, so we can exactly track how many hours have been worked for each project.”

Results achieved with Assignar

Perfect Contracting is able to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 standards and Assignar has helped them to pass the annual compliance audits easily.

“Switching to Assignar has saved us so much time in our day-to-day operations. We can keep up to date with compliances and safety standards. We can easily manage all our workforce out in the field and keep track of our assets in real-time which is essential.” – Mateusz Jedruszek, Managing Director

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