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KK Civil Engineering was established in 2001 to provide comprehensive civil works to local councils, state government and utility authorities. Notable projects include the La Perouse  Loop and Hurstville Central Plaza. Their Director, Koda Kassira started the business with 5 guys, 3 trucks and 1 excavator. Now, KK Civil Engineering is one of the leading providers of civil engineering works with over 90 employees and over 27 pieces of plant. They set themselves apart from their competition because they work hand in hand with their clients to achieve their goals and strive to have safety at the centre of their business operations.

153 hrs saved per year on safety forms alone

Safety first

Since its establishment, KK Civil Engineering understood the importance of maintaining high safety standards in its business. Consequently, becoming ISO certified was a top priority when they started their business. KK Civil Engineering wanted to ensure that they were following WHS legislation correctly as well as fulfill requirements set out by their Government clients.

Partnerships and ISO Certification

Compliance Council is an Australian-based management systems consultancy that removes the burden and stress of meeting industry standards from time-poor industries. KK Civil Engineering worked with the Compliance Council for a number of years to maintain their ISO certification. Hussein Kassira, HSEQ Manager at KK Civil Engineering reflected upon their partnership with Compliance Council and Assignar, stating that “since commencing our partnership they have helped us overhaul and streamline our previously hard to manage and antiquated management system to a much more simplified and easy to manage format. We were introduced to Assignar by Compliance Council, and have since automated our workforce including timesheets and payroll, completion of digital forms, as well as simplified the management of plant and equipment allocations which has saved us a great deal of time and money – whilst also ensuring our compliance requirements are met!”


Embracing digitisation

When KK Civil Engineering was introduced to Assignar by Compliance Council, the goal was to become paperless. Prior to utilising Assignar, a lot of processes were conducted on paper and stored digitally on an excel spreadsheet but even with incremental movements towards digital, there was still a double up in processes. For example, their workers’ tickets and licenses used to be scanned, then a digital copy was kept on an excel spreadsheet but hard copies were still kept in the office. These qualifications were also replicated in their HR software but now that Assignar combines safety, allocations and asset management, they no longer require this point solution. Hussein outlined how Assignar was a central hub of information for the team, “in Assignar we have all our orders, supplier, plant and employees’ details, including all their licenses and qualifications.”

Hussein further highlighted how Assignar’s allocation module has changed their business, “we are seeing substantial time-saving in the communication of jobs and through digitising site dockets. Before we had to inform the project manager, who would inform the supervisor who would be on a job, then the supervisor would call and message the crew to confirm them on a job. Now, when we are preparing site dockets we don’t need to print them out, the boys always have their site dockets because as long as they have their phone they can easily access their dockets. Since digitising this process, a lot of calls and messages have been eliminated.”



In addition, KK Civil Engineering’s safety processes have largely been digitized through implementing Assignar. Hussein notes, “all of our forms were paper-based but now that they are digital through the templates in Assignar. We utilized templates for forms such as site audit reports, site environmental inspection, project risk assessment and SWMS. The range was great, there were forms we had before and some that were new that will be introduced into our business. They save us a heap of time, as we don’t have to rebuild our forms in Assignar, we can just edit the templates they have available. Digitising this process has been amazing from a collection and processing perspective. Beforehand, the boys who have to give their forms to the yard manager and the yard manager would scan it through to the office. Now all these important safety forms are on the mobile app, so in the office, we have access to pre-starts as soon as they are done by the boys and we can see when and where they were completed in real-time. This enables us to action any items quickly, for example in our machine pre-starts they boys update their odometer reading, now we have better visibility into how close machines are getting to service.”

“We save 3 hours a week from the collection and processing of safety forms alone.”


Compliance Council and Assignar

Assignar Compliance is an integrated management system (IMS) specifically designed for contractors using Assignar.
– Get compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards
– Includes required forms on site within a day’s setup
– Includes all IMS documentation for digital workflows with Assignar
– Out of the box solution towards compliance and paperless workflows for Assignar users.

Assignar Compliance has options for an IMS forms package or an IMS document package with Compliance Council as implementation support consultants. Find out how to expedite the paperless process here, and be compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.”

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