Real-Time Data Exchange Transforms Construction Industry

Real-Time Data Exchange Transforms Construction Industry

Implementing Real-Time Field-to-Office Data Exchange Critical For Construction Industry Growth Cycle

After years of resistance to technology, the construction industry is finally beginning to reap the benefits of real-time integrated field-to-office data exchange. It’s an exciting business growth cycle. Throughout the US, Australia, and New Zealand the construction industry is done playing catch-up. The technology long available to other business-types now enables contractors to leverage implemented real-time data exchange into almost every component of daily operations. The result:

Projects are completed quicker, more efficiently, with less error and with greater overall profit margins.

The Significance Of Real-Time Data Exchange

Whether checking in on your crew’s competencies, the allocation of your equipment or collecting and processing timesheets for payroll, limitations in available technology can establish the efficiency of the communication.

Efficient real-time field data exchange is critical to effective internal and external jobsite communications.

Delays on the side of internal communication can result in:

  • Incorrect scheduling of the workforce
  • Failure to maintain up-to-date blueprint information
  • Broken machinery
  • Excessive on-site accidents
  • Inaccurate quality control and/or safety audit reporting
  • AND basically everything that can be affected throughout the entirety of your project operations.

Delays on the side of external communications can:

  • Anger customers
  • Delay inspections
  • Increase procurement expenses
  • Cost you to lose job bids
  • AND again, hinder any job function associated with the external communications process.

Real-Time Data Exchange Combines Multiple Technologies

The integration of efficient real-time field-to-office data exchange is essential for quick response to daily operational changes, on-time task completion and on-budget project completion. Mobile technology opens the doorway. Automated machinery expands the process. Customized operations and management software make it all accessible to the modern-day construction industry.
Acquiring and combining multiple technologies enables construction firms to consistently evolve and fulfil the ever-changing operational conflicts encountered by project managers. It is about updating development factors, risks conditions and all other areas where shared data is time-sensitive.
Efficient and reliable communication is core to profitable day-to-day construction activities. Construction operations software, like Assignar can integrate your office’s communication with the field, in real-time. So why wait.
Get off the sidelines. Improve your operations. Eliminate unnecessary data-related errors and shortcomings. Request a demo today.

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