Quality Assurance (QA) And Quality Control (QC) On Construction Projects

Construction QA Versus Construction QC – Distinctions

During the course of daily construction operations, contractors sometimes interweave the concepts of Quality Assurance with the concepts of Quality Control. Since the two are indeed responsive one to another, it seems only natural to lump them into a single process. Yet confusing the two is an error.

Unless both owner and employees correctly apply the distinctions between construction project QA and construction project QC, construction firms will endure difficulty in ensuring high-quality results from the construction process. These two individual components of quality management are not mutually interchangeable. Each serves a specific set of processes, goals, and purposes. In order that your workers, operators, management, and subs effectively execute established construction project quality standards, they must work within the boundaries of their role within the structure of the quality program.

The following text will help you better understand the distinctive construction project functions associated with construction Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Quality Assurance Specifies Standards, Quality Control Verifies Compliance To Standards

A successful QA program aims to ensure that the quality procedures implemented during the design phase of a construction project effectively meet the company-established standards for quality service, performance, and production. The core specs focus on:

  • Qualifications established for architects, designers, and engineers
  • Markup rules pertaining to plans and drawings from preparation thru revision and into final approval
  • AND the assurance that specified materials comply with company-established quality standards.

QC is the process that ensures that materials used on the project actually comply with properly signed drawings and plans. Secondly, QC ensures that task-specific personnel actually perform construction project processes according to the specified QA standards.

QA Provides Method, QC Ensures Accurate Application

Whereas Quality Assurance defines a method for determining the how and when of construction standards, Quality Control ensures that workers, operators, and management correctly respond to the specified QA standards. Quality Assurance defines a methodology that enables your team to evaluate and identify construction standards that best satisfy:

  • Building code specifications
  • Legal provisions
  • Construction safety necessities
  • AND Customer quality expectations.

Quality Control verifies correct applied quality methodology, material selection, and labor performance efficiency. QC is also responsible for testing finished goods and services to ensure compliance to the QA standards.

QA Establishes Processes, QC Selects According To Established Standards

Quality Assurance crafts procedures that enable management and work crews to identify properly qualified suppliers. It sets the specs for supplier selection, including requirements for:

  • Visit and inspection of supplier facilities
  • Materials testing
  • Existence of a supplier-side QA program
  • AND Any other criteria necessary to ensure that the proposed supplier is qualified to meet the company-established Quality Assurance specs.

Quality Control examines the established QA standards, certifies that prospective suppliers meet the criteria, and follows through by testing supplied parts and services as dictated by the existing company-establish construction project QA program.

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