Invoice Faster – Ways To Help Your Projects Bill Quicker

Invoice Faster – Ways To Help Your Projects Bill Quicker

Automated Construction Operations Via Digitized Workflow Processing

Automated construction invoicing no longer refers to the mere act of billing through a digitized accounting app. In fact, the construction firm operations process of billing and receiving now incorporates digitized timesheet management, machine cost tracking and the cost-effective power of real-time easily traceable jobsite workflow controls. In the modern day automated solution for construction management of billing and receiving contractors should expect to receive improved jobsite operational efficiency, automated data collection, and a quicker workflow for construction invoice processing

But it only happens for contractors who take advantage of modern IT solutions.

Benefits of Migrating from Paper To Real-Time Digital Information Sharing

It is said that a divided kingdom cannot stand. And that is one of the major faults in a paper-based or spreadsheet-driven construction accounting solution. Even when using digitized accounting software, many contractors continue to rely on less efficient and non-sharable methods of workforce and asset documentation. No matter how automated the accounts receivables process, without an automated field input system delays always occur. Some setbacks are merely a matter of waiting for the paperwork to catch up with the invoicing system. Some hold ups are due to inaccurate information and a need for manual corrections and updates. But of all hindrances to rapid invoicing, lost documents can be the difficult complications to resolve.

Benefits of merging construction-invoicing operations into a more global real-time digitized workflow app often include:

–Automation of all documentation processes

–Real-time data input, workflow tracking, data availability and data analytics

–Centralized records wherein timekeeping, asset management, orders, bids and invoices are all equally accessible

–Automated batching and matching of projects to vendor details, purchase orders and subcontractors

–Integrated emails for rapid exchange of all other documentation

–Automated data capture and validation from work orders to supplier invoices and from workflow management to delivery tickets

–Cloud-based data storage

–A huge reduction in excessive office and worker overhead, data redundancies and time wasted on tracking down missing information

–AND More.

How do you get it started? Take a test run of the Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning software for the modern day construction industry. We help contractors stay ahead of the competition. Use Assignar for organization, optimized workflow processing, quicker project tracking and invoicing, and so much more.

Start here and learn about how to get around the Assignar dashboard.


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