Accurate Invoicing Improves Client Relations

Industry Leaders Reap Benefits of Digitally Accurate Construction Contractor Invoicing

Never overlook the importance of accurate invoicing?

You worked hard to win that bid. You put in the time and all the contracts are signed and approved. The work flows without any major complications. You close on time and within budget. Then comes the invoice…

Only it doesn’t match the scope or the promises associated with the project.

Everything went so well, but now you have a dissatisfied client. All the success gets buried beneath the aggravation of an inaccurate construction contractor invoice. And it is all because:


  • Workers missed some of the documents
  • Accounting misapplied a handful of purchase reports
  • Timesheets fail to reflect labor realities
  • Forms, license updates and certification caused unnecessary delays
  • Safety reports included incorrect data and additional expenditures
  • On-site delays hinder the arrival of timely updates
  • Or someone merely failed to rightly categorize expenses, labor hours and sick time.


Truth is: Accurate invoicing not only ensures accurate job costing, but it also assures client satisfaction.


No matter how great your services and products, failure to provide clients with complete and accurate billing details can churn bitterness and distrust into the client-viewpoint of your company.


But errors happen, you say. Sometimes people plug in bad numbers. Papers do get lost or misplaced. Computers crash.


And this is so. But when workers are still filing paper timesheets, when supers are still typing into Excel spreadsheets, and when accountants are still using stacks of receipts, documents and field reports – errors in construction contractor invoicing accumulate time and time again. 

Prevent Construction Contractor Invoicing Catastrophes


Although some folks will never be satisfied, for the most part customer satisfaction depends only a few specific points. These include:


  • Routine communication – Cover work logs, daily notes, safety issues, and more
  • Client-focused scheduling – Work hand-in-hand the client, scheduling activities in a manner that gets the work done on time without interrupting the client’s other site projects
  • Work quietly – Seek to schedule disruptive work at times best designed to eliminate unnecessary disruption of client activities
  • Practice self-control – This means patience in all company employees
  • Consider the neighbors – Maintain a clean and orderly jobsite, taking care to notice how your work affects nearby homes and businesses
  • Focus on safety – No one gets hurt on your time
  • Stay on schedule – It’s basic planning at it’s best
  • Do it right – Poor craftsmanship deserves no reward
  • Close it with a solid finish – That’s final billing, accurate invoicing.


Why perform a great job only to crash due to poor management of documentation? Use the Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning construction contractors power tool. Workers, drivers, mechanics and managers share instant and accurate access to all project relevant documents. Reap the benefits of digitalized invoicing. Test drive today: Assignar for accurate construction contractor invoicing.



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