How Technology Is Improving Productivity on The Jobsite

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that almost $60 trillion worth of infrastructure improvements are needed by 2030 just to keep pace with the global economy. While this means that the construction and engineering industries will enjoy a steady growth of 4% annually.
Nevertheless, these industries endure low productivity and low margins. Still, the use of digital transformation can help to improve these metrics.

What are The Benefits of a Digital Transformation for Construction & Engineering Firms?

Assignar is a construction and engineering provider software provider intent on seeing your company succeed. Tools that we provide as part of our Software as a Solution (SaaS) for the construction and engineering industries include the following.

  1. Plan viewing – by putting plans on the internet using Assignar, field personnel can visualize details and call for instructions when things are unclear. Whether it is a foreman on the site, the project manager in his or her site office, or project developers, and architects and engineers not on site, all can view the same plans at the same time and clear up confusion without stopping a part of the job while clarification is gotten. With Assignar, uploading plans and images is an effortless process as is sharing them.
  2. Progress photographs – when taken with a digital camera or even a smartphone, progress photos can be immediately uploaded to your Assignar application to be viewed by all stakeholders.
  3. Daily reports – used in conjunction with progress photos, daily reports help to give a very thorough picture of daily progress at the job site.
  4. Safety documentation – is essential for construction sites as construction has a considerable number of injuries and fatalities. If such an incident occurs, one of the first things OSHA will ask to see is safety training documentation. By having these documents on Assignar, sites always have them handy and can use them to train new employees and retrain (or refresh) existing workers.
  5. Time Entry – digital time cards let your crews complete their time cards from the field. This alone is a boost to field worker’s productivity but also yields big results in back office operations. Since time cards contain more detail when submitted digitally, management can keep better track of tardiness and absenteeism. Another back-office benefit is that proper cost codes can be assigned automatically.

When you embrace digital platforms into your field worker’s daily performance allows for the fast collection and delivery of information that might be time-sensitive, no matter where the field worker is located. When real-time data is accessed, your project will move ahead swiftly on or ahead of schedule. Productivity is enhanced as time is not wasted transporting and delivering or correcting data. Data once entered, is able to be accessed instantly making for better communications between the field and company offices so that all key players are informed and responsive all the time.

About Assignar

Assignar is a Software as a Service (SaaS) for the construction industry and other business’ that are highly regulated. It gets the right workers paired up with the right equipment to get projects completed as scheduled. It also keeps track of hours worked, equipment maintenance, and much more. All the data needed to determine workforce productivity and project profit and loss are easily retrievable using Assignar.
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