The Importance Of Jobsite Collaboration Apps

Jobsite Collaboration Apps – Applied Mobile Technologies Booster Jobsite Efficiency

Integrated mobile technology may be the single most effective development in recent project management enhancement opportunities. It’s the tool behind the jobsite collaboration apps that help eliminate bottlenecks.

Any construction company wherein employees have real-time access to smartphones, tablets, mobile intelligent hotspots and a cloud-based construction-oriented workforce and asset allocation and planning software can reap a remarkable increase in daily jobsite efficiency. Every construction project requires communication between various individuals and groups of construction professionals. From office personnel to jobsite supervisors, from supervisors to subs, and from safety managers to workers everyone seeks to minimize cost overruns while ensuring profitable quality job performance.

Mobile technologies in construction assist in all aspects of the construction process. Jobsite collaboration apps ensure a cost control and a seamless workflow.

Benefits of Jobsite Collaboration Apps

Remember the times when contractors parked trailers on a construction site weeks in advance of power resources, telephone connections, and readiness for even basic work? Mobile construction technology has eliminated most of that waste in assets, planning and time. Jobsite collaboration belongs at the beginning, not just the middle and the end. Here are some of the key benefits that will help your company:

1) Ensure Reliable Document Sharing

Mobile-driven jobsite collaboration apps permit engineers, builders, supervisors and workers with convenient, reliable and flexible real-time sharing of:

  • Blueprints
  • Contract Details
  • Job Schematics
  • Punch Lists
  • Work Orders
  • AND Other vital jobsite project documents.

Passwords protect individual files. Group controlled data sharing reduces the chances of accidental information disclosure to unauthorized personnel. Central cloud-based storage enhances overall data security.

2) Improve Safety Accountability and Incident Reporting

Jobsite collaboration apps go hand in hand with compliance management. Reap the benefits of real-time tracking and reporting of safety incidents. Ensure that all workers receive up-to-date alerts on safety procedures, upcoming toolbox talks, and safety accountability requirements. Eliminate failed ISO audits. Reduce the cost of document tracking and compliance audits.

  • Automatically log incidents
  • Stay current in documentation, licenses and certificates
  • Pass audits without time waste and unnecessary hassle
  • AND customize forms as need.

3) Accurately Communicate and Confirm Job Changes

Mobile technologies enable automated tracking of job change revisions and performance. Jobsite collaboration apps ensure accuracy in the communication, reduces the expense of change-related cost increased, and eliminates accidental throwback to outdated change orders.

4) Activate Real-Time Budget Tracking of Workforce and Assets

Ready to win more construction bids? That’s a core benefit of real-time budget tracking of workforce and assets. Mobile jobsite collaboration helps contractors get data:

From many sources

Into one comprehensive report

That enables rapid actions to ensure budget compliance.


Reap new cost savings. Eliminate low-ball proposals. Automate, improve and ensure accurate project job costing. Mobile-based real-time budget tracking and jobsite collaboration bring together real cost savings in all aspects of workforce and asset allocation and planning.

Jobsite Collaboration Apps – Avoid Costly Setup Mistakes

Unless properly managed, a digital file-sharing process can lack control and accountability. You may even lose the unified vision of a project’s complete history. Losing track of change orders, job specifications and safety details can result in lost profits, overruns, re-work and even litigation. When choosing your construction management software and apps, make sure to activate:

  • Standardized file sharing
  • In a controlled digital environment
  • Under precise process management
  • AND accessible only via designated company jobsite collaboration devices.

In other words: Ensure that your jobsite collaboration apps comply with current jobsite polices and procedures.


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