Heavy Equipment Maintenance Schedules – Audit Your Process and Add Efficiencies

Heavy Equipment Maintenance Schedules – Audit Your Process and Add Efficiencies

World of Concrete: The International Resource On Concrete-Focused Heavy Equipment

Looking to upgrade your heavy equipment inventory with a visit to World of Concrete (WOC) 2018? Opportunities abound. This showplace event dedicated to masonry and concrete delivery and service professionals is your world zoomed down to a single annual international gathering. It’s a time when visiting contractors accumulate the core knowledge necessary for making wise investments in the latest choices in heavy equipment rentals, purchases or leases.

First presented as a commercial construction showplace back in 1975, WOC began as a Houston, Texas showplace representing seventy-plus exhibiting companies. The 1975 attendance records boast over 1,500 construction industry professionals. The 2018 WOC will offer better than 700,000 square feet of exhibit space presenting the offerings, products and services of 1,500-plus exhibiting companies. 

World of Concrete attendees expect to reap the benefits of:

  • 100-plus top industry training and skill-building seminars
  • An enormous display of current and projected state-of-the-art heavy equipment
  • Options to participate in multiple seminars ranging from ninety minutes per to three hours per
  • Unsurpassed educational opportunities for advanced training on construction fundamentals, safety, certifications and other vital industry points of focus
  • AND a comprehensive education on how mobile-technology combined with cloud-based construction operations management software can help you a cloud-based to best manage you manage and protect your heavy equipment investment.

Protect Your Heavy Equipment Investment

Whether working with an existing excavator or bulldozer or using WOC 2018 as a resource for upgrading your heavy equipment assets, several points remain common to the cause. Protecting company heavy equipment investments demands that contractors:

  • Establish scheduled heavy equipment maintenance
  • Craft, document and track reliable operator training programs
  • Define, document and confirm compliance of and to the distinctive regions of construction equipment responsibilities between operators and equipment maintenance 
  • Initiate an effective auditing process that incorporates real-time mobile communications
  • Add efficiencies
  • AND more.

Modern Construction Operations Management Software Simplifies Ensured Heavy Equipment Durability

You made the purchase, invested the funds, and reaped from the opportunities presented by WOC 2015,16 or 17. Or perhaps you will take advantage of WOC 2018. Good choice. Now… Make sure your heavy equipment endures the long run.

Invest in a construction workforce and asset allocation and planning software that enables contractors to ensure proper equipment maintenance, dispatch and operations. Assign construction operations management software can help you “Keep Your Construction Equipment Up and Running.” Experience the FREE Assignar Demo here.


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