Construction Management Software Streamlines Back Office Integration

Construction Management Software Streamlines Back Office Integration

Integrate Back Office Operations With Front of House Workers

Many modern construction firms use custom construction operations management software as a tool toward streamlined back office administration operations. The benefits are obvious: Although not core to business functionality, many nominal old-school back office administration tasks such as filing, document-retrieval, and folder notations remain vital to corporate service-delivery systems. However, the age of accumulated paperwork has vanished. By making use of effective and reliable construction management apps that digitalize the back office operations, the construction industry breaks free of the repetitious burdens that have previously encumbered the value of skilled office staff.
Yet even in reaping the dramatic improvements of digitized back office functionality, many construction firms fail to take hold of the greater benefits offered by cloud-based construction operations management software –

The opportunity to integrate back office operations with front of house workers.

By fusing construction operations software into both back office operations and front of house operations, contractors can dramatically:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve existing low construction labor margins
  • Optimize transaction processing
  • Eliminate roadblocks and wasted time
  • Ensure better debtors management
  • Automate business process re-engineering
  • Enhance, improve and automate market research and analysis
  • Ensure accuracy in payroll, payables, disbursements and expenses
  • Generate accurate project estimates
  • Win more jobs
  • AND general improve the accuracy, control and speed of day-to-day processes.

Streamline Time Sheets and Payouts In Less Time

Cloud-based construction operations management software uses real-time workforce reporting to enhance real-time business control. Streamlined mobile-based back office time tracking and time reporting:

  • Incorporates photo ID verification, GPS bread-crumbing and overall workforce transparency
  • Accurate reporting of labor costs details simply compliance as well as improving operational productivity
  • Eliminates human error in the transfer of data from field to office
  • Promotes quick and accurate payroll output
  • AND directly integrates into your back office accounting software.

It’s about saving time in the back office by implementing digital workflows based upon accurate accumulation of field processes and workloads. But it’s also about applying the best performing construction time tracking app in the business. Simplify the process of tracking time for workers and supervisors. Utilize the latest in mobile technology. GPs time-stamp the productivity. Pay only for hours actually worked. But don’t stop with the workforce. Efficient construction management software integration with back office operations also incorporates tracking and management for:

Construction contractors use Assignar Workforce and Asset Allocation and Planning software as a primary resource for streamlined back office integration. From dispatching the right workers to the right site at the right time to documenting OSHA compliance, quality control commitments and productivity measurement, Assignar streamlines back office integration to the max. To learn more, Book an Assignar Demo today.

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