Construction Jobsite Productivity – 9 Ways To Increase Project Productivity

Updated on March 24th, 2022

In an industry plagued by limitations of available data, measuring construction jobsite productivity often proves difficult, complicated and often easier said than done. The core problem involves many areas of wherein there is a shortage in data accumulation and calculations. However, particular interest falls against the sparsely of reliable deflators that so greatly complicate the price indexes applied when seeking to deflate output.

The Challenge of Measuring Growth in Construction Jobsite Productivity

As a whole, the typical methods for tracking construction productivity data have produced many faulty analysis, assessments and measurements. Yet these complications that block accurate measurement of productivity growth in construction have existed for years. In defining forces that drive the preconceived notion that construction productivity has been in a decades-long decline, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes four primary causes (1):

  • Possible use of inappropriate methods in the accumulation of productivity trends in construction
  • Possibility of existing industry-wide problems
  • Inaccurate shift in resources toward lower productivity portions of the industry
  • Negative consequences of increased environmental regulations.

Thankfully, access to the right construction-based workforce and asset allocation and planning software can easily resolve these challenges that prevent accurate measurement of productivity growth in construction. The following tips from the Assignar workforce software team define nine ways you can increase your construction jobsite productivity.

Increase Project Productivity – 9 Points of Success

Data collection, data analysis, and data application define the core requirements for an effective construction jobsite productivity management program.  However, for many construction contractors, spreadsheets, delayed reports, and missing paperwork litter the path to usable planning options. Yet accurate planning and allocation demands access to reliable details concerning:

  • Specific project requirements
  • Pre-validation of staff availability, skills and equipment
  • Detailed scheduling of tasks and operations
  • Availability of equipment and workers
  • Rapid access to job specific forms and worker certifications
  • AND so much more.

The following 9 points of success can help you change the outlook of productivity growth in construction… ie: This is how you can increase project productivity in your company.

  1. Regulate work habits – Reduced hours reduce worker fatigue, worker-related errors, and the need for excessive overtime pay.
  2. Weather management – Shorter shifts and weather-specific protective gear can sometimes offset the productivity losses associated with bad weather conditions.
  3. Balanced teamwork – When time-competitive tasks result in idle workers, there is no productivity payoff.
  4. Managed work areas – Effective construction productivity requires calculated scheduling in available work areas.  
  5. Eliminate excessive absenteeism – Investigate and resolve the absenteeism that is sucking profitability from your jobsite.
  6. Control excessive personnel turnovers – Eliminate the causes associated with any high employee turnover problems.
  7. Plan the construction project site – To ensure effective use of employee and vendor time, plan for efficient site access to materials, equipment, toilets, project facilities and storage areas.
  8. Manage your customers — Examine customer impact on worker productivity, work areas, quality performance and other site activities.
  9. Safety assurance – Reasonable safety controls help prevent accidents, injuries and other hazardous impacts on construction jobsite productivity.

Need help: The cloud-based Assignar construction workforce and asset allocation and planning data-management software is designed to help you collect data, apply solutions, increase project productivity, and ensure a cost-effective productivity growth in construction for your company. Get your resource for powerful construction productivity apps.


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