Shiftplanning: 5 Core Challenges Faced By Construction Contractors

The cost-efficient performance of any construction project depends on effective mastery of five core construction-related shift planning challenges. But solutions begin by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the desired job goals and the associated job processes. For efficient shift planning to function correctly, construction contractors must have rapid and reliable access to:

  • Comprehensive project details, including particulars on all anticipated sub-tasks
  • Rapid-fire awareness of new and developing problems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of available staff and their defined skill sets
  • An active and efficient line of communication
  • Assurance of ongoing collective teamwork
  • The capacity for rapid adjustment of focus and applications
  • AND the certainty that all work proceeds on the order of highest quality performance.

Yet knowing the goals and understanding the process only offers a partial solution toward successful shift planning. To be fully operational, construction personnel must also have access to a base of well-crafted project planning tools. The days of manual manipulation of construction-focused Excel and other spreadsheet/database software applications failed to fully satisfy the expectations of production-driven quality-focused construction contractors.

To overcome these age-old organization limitations, focused contractors are turning to the performance features now available through specialty construction planning software. The Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning package provides construction management teams with tools specifically geared to enable rapid-fire deployment of the right workers to the right work site.

Automated Shiftplanning Eliminates 5 Challenges Faced By Construction Contractors

Intelligent operations objectives incorporate planning that comes about from a broad range of participant collaboration. Thus scheduling of assets must include rapid exchange of time-sensitive data between planners and workers, including information on the current status of certificates and licensing.

Yet successful implementation demands real-time reporting. Assignar automates the process, thereby effectively eliminating the five construction planning challenges associated with:

  1. Scheduling skilled operators with the right asset at the right time
  2. Scheduling and ensuring availability of the right workers for the right task at the right time
  3. Scheduling compliant laborers to the right task, while also confirming in advance that the necessary licenses and certifications are up-to-date
  4. Ensuring that all scheduled workers have successfully completed the specific job-related training programs
  5. Confirming that the necessary on-site tools and assets are available and properly maintained to meet the declared job performance and safety specs.

Assignar, Designed To Work Like You Think

Designed specifically for construction contractors, Assignar’s shift planning software works how you work. Face it: Busy managers need an easy-to-use systematic pathway to efficient job management. And it’s not about accumulating scattered paperwork.

Effective construction software must help you:

  • Collect data
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Organize forms, including certifications, licenses, safety forms, and more
  • Reduce operations expenses
  • Better manage manpower and scheduling
  • Standardize processes
  • AND More.

Assignar Software: a single application that removes the hassle from construction management. Organize back-office operations as well as project processes, contracts, and all other documents.

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