Construction Bidding – Advantages of Project Estimation Software

Construction Bidding – Advantages of Project Estimation Software

Advantages of Linking Project Estimation Software To Workforce and Asset Allocation and Planning Management

Although lacking in usability, efficiency and effectiveness, even an organized macro-driven spreadsheet qualifies as project estimation software. Yet we all know that reliable cost estimating comes not from a void, but rather through integration with adjacent organizational processes. Spreadsheet-based cost estimating is a drawback to progress even as is pen-to-paper manual construction estimating. Quick, efficient and accurate construction project bidding requires:

  • Ready access to real-time data
  • Rapid isolation of pertinent details and the associated costs
  • Interdepartmental collaboration
  • Simplified data extraction and data insertion
  • Accuracy in the details
  • AND The capacity to integrate and link you project estimation software to existing workforce and asset allocation and planning digital resources.

Benefits of Integrating Project Bidding Into Daily Job Costing

Great software refuses to treat estimating as an unconnected process. In fact, successful construction management software incorporates the job bidding process into the very fabric of field tracking routines. The processes so intermingle as to be inseparable. All collected job-purposed data merges into a single database that offers multiple outlets into customize compilations, comparisons and analytics for both visual and paper-documented reporting. This helps ensure that:

  • Rapid response when discrepancies show up between actual field work and the estimated expectations
  • All components of the software define and measure accrued task-specific details in like manner
  • Field tracking links directly into job costing and thereby establishes a reliable link to future project estimates
  • Quality control and quoted process align
  • No measure of required and prudent health and safety remain outside the estimator’s train of concern
  • Rapid notification of material-related cost increases.
  • Automated monitoring of data entry
  • Rapid alerts to any form of data-entry that is inconsistent with the associated project estimate
  • Enables join efforts toward ensured alignment between expectations and productivity
  • Simplified evaluation of real-time production dataEnhanced capacity for fine-tuning future bids
  • Access to automated daily comparison of expected production versus actual production
  • Better collaboration between organizational departments and personnel
  • AND Many other associated cross-departmental benefits.

Automated Linkage To External Databases

Whether dealing with quality control, health and safety, subcontractors, or general material providers, an integrated workforce and asset allocation and planning software package enables estimators with various high-speed communications advantages. For example, integrated project estimation software enables estimators to import and/or export:

  • Digitized bid forms
  • Electronic versions of customized order requirements and expectations
  • Up-to-date vendor material pricing
  • Cost expectations associated with unique safety specs
  • Pre-populated QC specification forms
  • AND Various other critical time saving estimate-related details.

Direct Connection To Software Modules Associated With Construction Management and Accounting

Remember when construction companies used Excel to track and print invoices? Made tax time rather difficult, did it not? Assignar’s comprehensive construction job management software eliminates the hassle of mix-batched construction software solutions. From field tracking to invoicing and from asset allocation to project estimation, Assignar simples and exacts all aspects of construction contractor operations. Reap the benefits of:

  • Up-to-date pre-populated task, crew, asset and materials pricing
  • Elimination of redundant data entry
  • Increased estimating accuracy
  • Redundant error checking
  • AND More efficient, reliable and cohesive operations management.

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