How to Win More Construction Bids

Fundamental Operational Changes Ensure Winning Construction Bids

More proposals. More work. Lower markups. Yet in the end result, your company continues to produce losing construction bids.

Time to learn how to avoid this undesirable situation. And we are not chattering about merely expanding functional activities or geographic boundaries. This text is about reaping more and better paying jobs through value-added completive bidding. Helping the aggressive construction contractor pull ahead of the biased market place that assumes down-and-dirty low pricing as an essential component of successful construction contract bidding… This is the goal.

Don’t read about how to lose money or barely break even. Rather set focus on developing a competitive overall operating strategy wherein success resides in:

  • Greater operational productivity
  • Leading the pack
  • Comprehensive, accurate and detail-orientated bidding
  • Value-added name-brand promotions
  • AND Acquiring and utilizing better data management resources for construction management, accurate cost accounting, and workforce and asset allocation.

We’re going to nutshell it quick and dirty here, highlighting only the essentials. Yet each of the following sections offers links into deep-running Assignar blog posts that comprehensively define those essentials. In the end, your company can learn to win more construction bids.

Essentials Necessary To Ensure Profitable Construction Bidding

1) Higher Productivity Produces Better Cost Efficiency

Development of real-time cost processing and tracking marks the core of higher operational productivity. Cost efficiency increases profit margins. Higher profit margins enable more competitive construction bidding. More jobs produce more cost-related feedback. When that feedback is captured, analyzed and correctly used as a means for promoting effective operational changes, your company can experience higher operational productivity.

Perhaps you just noted the description of a circular pattern. Successful bid winning is a direct result of improving your understanding and control over internal company operations, labor and assets. Learn more about the tools that make it possible. Click here to read the Assignar report: "9 Ways To Increase Project Productivity."

2) First In, First Served

No one likes standing in line. This goes from both sides of the line. Winning often links directly to preempting the competition. Question: How do you get your construction bid completed ahead of the other companies? Take advantage of automated construction estimating technology. Get details by reading Assignar text on "Reliable Cost Estimating Before You Start"

3) Precision Construction Bidding

Winning bids aim for precise construction markets. There is little gain if any in wasting time placing bids in markets outside your certifications, licenses and qualifications. Narrow the focus. Bid within your niche. Start tracking your success factor. Not just the wins, but also:

  • The measure of your competition
  • Your company suitability to the project
  • Project type, location and the standards for acceptance.

Learn how Assignar software can help you win more construction bids. Read "Project Bidding Success Improved By Compiled historic Project Data."

4) Value-Added Services

Sell who you are as much as what you do. Many prospective clients don’t mind paying reasonable pricing for value-added services. When your name and financial reputation reflect the reality of expertise, experience, quality and outstanding customer service, prospective clients actually expect premium pricing for your construction contractor services.

Increase Your Reputation for Accuracy, Reliability and Quality Performance.

  • Pass the audits
  • Stay complaint
  • Improve overall quality
  • Instill buyer confidence by providing accurate documentation, licenses and certificates.


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