Assignar's Time Tracking & Integrations

Say Goodbye to Payroll Headaches

Are you spending time chasing timesheets rather than getting your people paid? We understand your pain, and we have the perfect solution: Assignar.


Does this sound familiar?


Piles of Paperwork

Dealing with heaps of paperwork can be overwhelming. Manual data entry, time-consuming calculations, and staying compliant with labor regulations can lead to costly errors and headaches.


Inefficient Processes

Time is of the essence when it comes to payroll. Juggling multiple spreadsheets, handling data from various sources, and reconciling information can be a recipe for confusion and delays.


Payment Delays

When accurate and timely payments for all workers is crucial, getting field data on pay rates, breaks, and activities can postpone invoicing and impact your workforce and cashflow.

Assignar Can Help

Digital Timesheets for Streamlined Payroll

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and embrace the efficiency of digital timesheets with Assignar's construction software. Easily capture and track employees' work hours and see the results upload in the office in real-time.

Time and work tracking

Track Breaks and Specific Activities

Workers can track breaks and their time on specific activities through the app. This level of detail ensures accurate payroll calculations, compliance with labor regulations, and fair compensation for every employee's effort.

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Integrate Your ERP

Simplify your payroll process further with seamless integrations into ERP and accounting software. No more manual data entry or double-handling information. Upload or sync data effortlessly, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.


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