Load 28: Faster, More Accurate Timesheets

Load 28: Faster, More Accurate Timesheets

About Load 28

A specialist in limited access crane hire, structural steel installations, facade elements, and commercial glazing. The Load 28 team and equipment are well recognized within the industry as specialists in limited access crane hire, structural installations, facade elements, and commercial glazing installations. Load 28 has invested in cutting-edge technologies, and equipment specifically designed for these applications.

automated flows > Manual Paperwork

“Before using Assignar we were relying on paperwork. Which was okay, as we mainly operated in the Adelaide area. However, at some point, we saw an opportunity to expand into Victoria. We initially started with a small team in Melbourne. As the team grew, paperwork and timesheets became a nightmare for our site manager, he had to collate all the information and send it to the office. I then had to approve and put the data into accounting software.” – Lee-Anne Fielding, Office Administrator/Book Keeper

Real-time timesheets

“Assignar has helped out a huge amount. Now, instead of just the site manager, all our workers are responsible for their own timesheets. Workers in Adelaide and Melbourne are all sending their timesheets through the Assignar app, it doesn’t matter where they are. I receive all the timesheets and can double-check the worked hours before we put them in our accounting software, the whole process is faster and a lot more accurate.”

Track leave days

“Because we have a trail of all timesheets, we can manage leave much easier. Before Assignar, workers had to tell/call the site supervisor to request leave. Now that we track leave in Assignar, we always know when the guys are expected on site. During times like Christmas, when workers want extra time off, we can easily see who we have got available to cover those shifts.”

The right documents on site

“All our workers have access to the updated documents. Besides having the paper versions around on site, all the documents are stored in the Assignar app. We keep them up to date, so workers can do the job and don’t get sent home because they don’t have the right paperwork with them.”

All our fleet statutory paperwork is added to the Assignar system, and we use the system to track machine service periods and inspections.

Subcontractors management

Subcontractors also have the ability to access the Assignar system, and they can use the system to submit paperwork and communicate with us via this tool.

Quality control

We use the system to build forms as part of our quality control system, electronically we manage daily project reports, variations, and product defects.

This is extremely valuable for our clients, as our employees can communicate immediately, and directly on matters arising on site. For example, a product that has arrived from China that is damaged is swiftly logged/photos taken/identified, and sent through… Our clients can immediately reorder and we have a record of the issue.”

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