Jeff Falcon

Tesla, Roads, and Rodeos: Paving the Future

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Jeff Falcon

Business Development Manager at The Barricade Company

Jeff Falcon is a highly accomplished business leader with a proven track record in various industries. He currently leads growth initiatives at The Barricade Company, which is stationed in Las Vegas. Jeff's experience also includes successful sales roles at Lawrence Welk Vacation Ownership and Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Additionally, he served as CEO at Kestral Capital and held managerial positions at Ameriquest Capital Group. A visionary leader, Jeff excels in driving business development and delivering exceptional results.

The Highlights

With the construction industry swept up in a whirlwind of newfound opportunities, Kendyl Campbell and Jeff Falcon explore the fascinating impact of the infrastructure act’s financial influx—discussing the industry’s prosperity amidst the perfect storm of resources and workforce scarcity.

They also dive into the debate surrounding electric vehicles reshaping road construction and chat about the upcoming NUCA Backhoe Rodeo—an exhilarating event that aims to transform the industry’s landscape by inspiring a new generation of skilled laborers.

riding the wave

The Infrastructure Act has led to an unprecedented boom in the construction industry. With more funds available than skilled workers, countless projects are underway, and the demand for construction services is soaring. Jeff emphasizes that this surge in business will bring immense opportunities for the industry— presenting an ideal moment for companies, like The Barricade Company, to showcase their talents and deliver exceptional results.

“There’s more money in the budget than there are workers to complete the work. It’s a perfect storm.”

The government’s investment has set the stage for exponential growth in the sector, but it also poses the challenge of finding enough skilled laborers to meet the demand.


Polarizing opinions surround Tesla’s effect on road infrastructure, with opposers suggesting that these vehicles are too heavy for roads and will cause subsequent damage. Jeff challenges that notion, arguing that the road is designed to be updated—a cycle that sustains the construction industry.

“The road is there to be replaced. That’s what keeps us in business. That’s what keeps America moving.”

Despite some skepticism about their impact on road infrastructure, Jeff believes that embracing technological advancements, like electric vehicles, can lead to significant progress and pave the way for a brighter future.

Inspiring the Next Generation

With the growing need for young talent in the construction industry, Jeff discusses his involvement with the upcoming NUCA Backhoe Rodeo event taking place on October 21, 2023 in Las Vegas. He envisions a family-friendly event with exciting activities, giving children a hands-on experience with heavy machinery in a “fair-like” environment.

“We need to get eyeballs on the industry from the kids. You get 10-year-olds and 5-year-olds on a skid steer moving dirt, and they realize that it’s a career path that they want to go into and one that you can make a lot of money in.”

Jeff emphasizes the need to showcase the talents of construction professionals and inspire kids to consider construction as a rewarding and lucrative career path. Plus, he hopes that this event, and ones like it, will help bridge the labor shortage gap and secure the industry’s future while providing support to various outreach programs.


The Host

Kendyl Campbell

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Kendyl spent many years in and around the construction industry before joining Assignar in 2020 as a Customer Success Manager. After implementing dozens of strategic enterprise accounts over the years, she quickly rose through the ranks to lead the Customer Success Team for a period in 2022. Currently, Kendyl works with Strategic Partners, helping sell value across complex software ecosystems, ultimately solving the information gap between companies’ field operations and financials-- selling some of our largest deals globally. Kendyl was awarded the 2022 Customer Custodian Award in North America, and she can now be heard as one of our hosts on Assignar’s The Dirty Boots Show. Kendyl enjoys staying active in Colorado outdoors with her pup in her free time.