Assignar April '23 Product Release

Introducing New Features to Fill Out Crew Timesheets in Under a Minute


Fill out time quicker and more accurately, make changes to the schedule with just a few clicks, and sync field data to Sage Intacct easily (if not automatically). Here's the webinar recording referencing the latest release:


The Brand-new Site Diary

Late last year, we released updates to the Daily Log, which brought flexibility to time tracking on-site with easy-to-use workflows. Now, the place where supervisors go to record everything that happened on site (the Site Diary) is also completely revamped for a quicker experience that results in more accurate field data collection.

We’re getting rid of silos by providing greater transparency into timesheet changes, both from worker to supervisor (in the Daily Log), and job site to office.

New compliance laws requiring you to track breaks with timestamps? And make records easily accessible to your workers? The Site Diary and Daily Log make this a breeze!



Delays happen, but with easy rescheduling, you can get back on track - faster!

Copy N Paste Crews
Faster Scheduling

Extend work orders directly in the Scheduler, and copy and paste entire crews, so you can adjust without missing a beat (and understand how it impacts other work just as fast). When things change last minute, add or remove qualified workers and equipment to a shift, and push shifts to the next day, all on the mobile app.

Mobile Scheduling

When things change last-minute, supervisors can search for a work order, add or remove qualified workers and equipment to a shift, or push the shift to the next day, all on the mobile app. 

Sage Intacct Integration



Tracking your spending against your budget using Sage Intacct Construction? Integrating with Assignar will give you accurate data into how much time is being spent in the field and on what activities – for detailed job cost reporting inputs in near to real-time.

Say goodbye to tedious double-entry and double-checking. With our Sage Intacct Integration, pull your project, worker, equipment, cost codes, and more into Assignar, so you can schedule and track time in the field and send the resulting data back.



Sub Hub is Coming!

Is your inbox full of daily reports from group companies or subcontractors? What if you could replace email attachments with a single dashboard that tells you the progress of each project?

That’s why we built Sub Hub – a portal for GCs and businesses with group companies that aggregates data generated in the field by Assignar and gives real-time visibility into how projects are performing.

You’ll see timesheets, safety checklists, work completed, and whatever forms you require, as soon as they’re submitted!

More to Look Out For:


Never worry about scheduling work on days your team is off again. New work orders will exclude the days of the week you don’t work. When you extend an order, Assignar will recognize those nonworking days, but will allow you to override it if needed.


We’ve added additional filter and customization options to our Acumatica integration, along with the ability to handle both loose and allocated timesheets.


Get everything you need in one place. Our ‘Support’ center offers specific tips and tricks and allows you to submit ideas, tickets, or search for help documents.